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Website Information
Name: A Sailor Moon Romance (formerly Central Command Headquarters, now One Song Glory)
Type: Fanfic archive site
Webmaster(s): Dejana Talis; formerly Andrea Hui, before her Sailor Skuld
Language: English
Status: Work in progress for a comeback

A Sailor Moon Romance, also commonly known as ASMR, was a fansite which archived fanfiction for Sailor Moon and other series. Originally, it only posted Sailor Moon fanfics, but as of ASMR 4.0 around September 2003, it expanded to other series.

The site was originally created by Sailor Skuld and known as Central Command Headquarters, and the the first fanfic archived on the site was "Sailor Moon V: The Dark Adventures of the Sailor Scouts" by Troy Stanton. Originally, the site was exclusively for hentai fanfiction. It was updated weekly for quite some time, and separate zip files of both its new fanfics and its new hentai fanfics were made available; the zip files were compiled by Central Command and archived by ASMR. As of 1999, there were three dozen files posted in the weekly update from Central Command. Some time before March 1997 Andrea Hui took over management of the site, at which point its name was changed to "A Sailor Moon Romance."

In May 1998, a user calling herself "Princess Serenity" plagiarized significant portions of ASMR, as well as other then-prominent Sailor Moon fansites.

As of August 2002, there were 8,555 stories archived on the site.[1] In November 2002, the site's domain name changed to due to a cybersquatter who took over the previous domain. As of 2004, the site received 4,000 individual hits daily.

The site went offline in late September 2007 due to a server crash, and maintainer Andrea decided not to restore it for several reasons.[2] In November 2007, Dejana Talis announced that she had spoken with the owners of ASMR, that they were in the process of transferring the site over to her, and that she would preserve the archives but not the forums.[3]

As she was unable to access the original archives, Dejana Talis has been attempting to restore them by using independent back-ups. The site is now open under the new name One Song Glory with the fanfics available as text files. As of December 2010, only fics written by authors with initials A-H have been restored.


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