Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Zenpen

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A new enemy appears, threatening the peace the Sailor Senshi have found.


Episode Data
The Senshi prepare to face the new threat
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.27 無限1 予感・前編
Name (Romaji): Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Zenpen
Name (Translated): Act.27 Infinity 1 Premonition - First Part
Episode Number: 27
Manga Chapter: Act 27 Mugen 1 Yokan
Director: Chiaki Kon
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Akira Takahashi
Air Date: April 4, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.26 Saisei - NEVER ENDING -
Next Episode: Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Kouhen

In a place of darkness, a voice speaks of an awakening light within the "Omega Area," full of a power similar to that of the Taioron Crystal. The voice declares this place to be theirs, a place where they will create their own world. The voice orders a strange woman to prevent the awakening of the light that would destroy them, and she promises Pharaoh 90 that she will.

A girl dreams of the fall of the Silver Millennium and three shadowed Sailor Senshi as a voice warns of coming destruction. Mamoru also awakens from a dire dream, while Rei gazes into the sacred fire and wonders at the vision she saw.

Usagi is awakened from a dream of her wedding with Mamoru and realizes she is, as usual, running late. As she rushes out the door, Chibiusa watches a news report about a strange monster that attacked students from Mugen Academy, causing another student to transform into a monster.

Usagi meets up with Mamoru, who scolds her for being late. She apologizes and asks for a kiss, but is interrupted by the arrival of Chibiusa, accompanied by Diana. Chibiusa gives Usagi her lunch, which she forgot, and lectures her on how she should have eaten breakfast, which annoys the older girl. Chibiusa runs off to join her friends, and Usagi remembers the recent battle against the Black Moon Clan and thinks of how peaceful it is now. She takes hold of Mamoru's arm, and as he leans down to kiss her, he hears a voice in his mind warning of coming destruction. Usagi notices he seems troubled, but he insists it was nothing. As she bids him farewell, Usagi thinks to herself that she knows the peaceful time can't last much longer, but it is her mission to continue to overcome whatever happens next.

A woman with flowing hair climbs out of a swimming pool as her helicopter arrives to take her to school, and observes to herself that the seas will be rough that day.

A racecar driver climbs out of a car as a coach complains that driving so fast will damage the car. Onlooking fans cheer as reporters standing nearby comment on the gifted young driver, Haruka Tenou. The helicopter arrives, along with another one belonging to Haruka, who comments that the winds are strong that day.

As the pair walk toward their school, other schoolgirls recognize Haruka and the famous violinst Michiru Kaiou. They gossp about Haruka and Michiru being the "perfect couple," and how they are both Mugen Academy students.

Usagi and Naru meet their friends at the Game Center Crown. Though the girls tease her for being late, Usagi is glad to see them, and thinks that as long as they are together, they can do anything. Minako and Makoto get Usagi to try a new racing game, and she exclaims that it is scary, like driving a real car. Another player gives her a tip to help her drive, and others in the arcade notice the stranger's skill at the video game. Usagi ends up going too fast and crashes, and declares that with the helmet on it didn't feel that fast. The other player turns out to be Haruka, who compliments Usagi on her racing talent.

As Mamoru approaches the arcade, he accidentally bumps into Michiru, who is walking the opposite direction. She drops a hand mirror and Mamoru goes to pick it up for her; as she sees his reflection in its surface she comments that he must have been a prince in a previous life, startling him. She says that the mirror reflects previous lives. Haruka sees Michiru outside and goes to join her, after telling Usagi that they should race again some time. Minako and Makoto gleefully exclaim over how cool Haruka is.

Outside, Michiru apologizes to Mamoru for disturbing him, then leaves with Haruka. As they walk away, Michiru notes that Haruka's got quite close to Usagi, and Haruka teases her about being jealous, then notes that "odango atama" is still like a child.

Usagi and Mamoru watch the pair walk away, both looking thoughtful.

As the girls and Mamoru walk down the sidewalk, Minako and Makoto are still swooning over Haruka. Naru tells Usagi that she's sure Haruka is someone famous, and Ami realizes the school uniform was from Mugen Academy. Umino appears and notes that the school is in Sankakusu, a district formed by the Tokyo Bay land reclamation project, and Minako waxes poetic about the school, saying it's a place for geniuses and talented people. Rei notes that if it's an academy for geniuses, Usagi has no connection with it, and Ami compounds the insult by telling Rei she's too honest.

As the girls walk by a store, Naru picks up a magazine and finds an article about the famous racecar driver Haruka Tenou, and realizes the identity of the person they met before. Minako and Makoto immediately start wondering if Haruka might hang around the area so they can meet up again.

While they talk, some girls from Mugen Academy pass by, and Usagi's brooch glows. A black cloud appears, and an egg-shaped blob of darkness emerges before striking one of the Mugen students in the back. It sinks into her and then bursts open, and a monstrous creature emerges from her back, causing those nearby to flee in terror. Mamoru tells Usagi he'll get Naru and Umino out of the way, and the Sailor Senshi transform to face the monster.

Sailor Mercury uses her visor to determine that the girl is inside of the monster, and Sailor Mars uses Akuryo Taisan, but the ofuda fizzle and vanish on contact. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter destroy the monster with a combination of Venus Wink Chain Sword and Jupiter Coconut Cyclone, and after it disappears the girl is left behind. Sailor Jupiter catches her before she can collapse, and the black egg re-emerges from the girl's back and vanishes in a puff of black mist. Sailor Venus senses someone watching them, but when she looks around sees nothing. Sailor Moon realizes that when the monster appeared, the Silver Crystal reacted.

As the Senshi are distracted by the aftermath, Haruka and Michiru can be seen a short distance away.

In the Secret Base, Luna and Artemis study images of the monster on the display. Luna comments about the news report that morning about people changing into monsters, and remembers that those affected were also Mugen Academy students. The girls decide that there's something about the school that they need to investigate, and decide to go there.

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