Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together

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Minako and Rei conflict regarding their duties as "Princess" and Senshi. Usagi learns that Mamoru and Hina Kusaka are engaged. Nephrite and Jadeite attack a church to acquire the energy of those attending the service, and all the Senshi fight them together.


PGSM Episode
The Senshi prepare to do battle
Name (kanji/kana): ついにそろった5人のセーラー戦士
Name (romaji): Tsui ni Sorotta Gonin no Seeraa Senshi
Name (translated): At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together
Episode Number: 18
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 7, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!
Next Episode: Act 19 - Usagi's Nervous Valentine

Princess Sailor Venus chides Sailor Mars for letting the Youma get away, because it will return again later, and tells her that she isn't a strong enough Senshi as she is. Sailor Mars retorts that if Sailor Venus had been a better fighter, the Youma wouldn't have escaped in the first place, and adds that even though she's supposed to protect the Princess, she didn't know she had to be her babysitter as well. Sailor Venus replies that she doesn't need them to protect her, and storms off.

Later, Minako is sitting in a taxi when Artemis peeks out of her bag and points out that even though she's been hiding her identity, one of the Senshi now knows who she is. Minako admits that she didn't use her best judgement in that situation, and thinks about what she'd said to Sailor Mars. Artemis tells her that in this circumstances they have to be strict, but Minako looks regretful as she remarks on how she treated Sailor Mars, and the things Mars had said to her in return. Suddenly, her vision blurs, and she puts a hand to her head while Artemis calls out her name in concern.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite tells Jadeite that he was supposed to gather energy, but has always lost to the Sailor Senshi. Jadeite replies that he isn't finished yet, and will definitely collect a lot of energy. Nephrite points out that they've found the Moon Princess and her Silver Crystal, all for Queen Beryl's sake. Beryl smiles at them and tells them that if they work together, they're sure to succeed. Nephrite and Jadeite bow, but Kunzite snidely remarks on how weak they are. Beryl angrily tells Kunzite to keep quiet.

At the school, the teacher returns Usagi's knitting project with the comment that it isn't a muffler, it's just a handkerchief. Usagi dejectedly walks back toward her seat with the "muffler" in hand, and Naru stops her to ask if she's planning to give it to Mamoru. Usagi shakes her head and says that he has a girlfriend. Naru makes sympathetic noises as Ami looks on from a short distance away.

In the Secret Base, Usagi sits on the couch and looks at her knitting project, while Ami observes that now she understands why Usagi couldn't finish. Usagi replies that when she bought the yarn, she wasn't really thinking about Tuxedo Mask, but rather about Mamoru. She imagines herself wrapping the finished muffler about Mamoru's neck, then sadly looks down at the basket of yarn in her hands and says that every time she tried to work on it she thought of him and just couldn't. Makoto says that she's surprised, because she always thought that Usagi hated Mamoru, and Usagi replies that she'd thought she had - but once she realized her feelings she discovered that he had a girlfriend. Makoto asks her if she plans to give up, and Usagi talks about how pretty and nice Hina is, but Makoto insists that doesn't matter, especially since liking him is better than liking Tuxedo Mask. Over Usagi's protests, Makoto says she'll go get some information, because if Usagi doesn't try she'll always regret it.

Rei rides up to the church on her bicycle and removes a bag of dog food from the front basket. Just then, however, a taxi pulls up and Minako gets out - but when she sees Rei standing there with the dog food, Minako gets back in the car and leaves. Rei gives a somewhat confused look after the taxi, but goes inside.

Rei pours a bowl of food for the dog (which she calls Taro) and it begins to eat, as the priest comments that it definitely seems to be feeling better. The door opens then and Minako enters, carrying several boxes of expensive canned dog food, which she says is for "Riki." The priest thanks her, and she smirks briefly at Rei. The priest observes that they need to find the owner, and he thought he would try asking the people who come to the morning Mass. Rei volunteers to make a poster, and smirks back at Minako when the priest agrees that's a good idea.

As they leave the church, Rei tells Minako that she might be the Princess, but she's definitely childish. Minako replies that she hates to lose, and asks about the Youma, but Rei hasn't found it. They pause, and Rei asks why Minako won't work with the other Senshi, because they've been searching for her. Minako says that she had to, but Rei tells her to just hide and leave the Youma to them. Minako retorts that she would, if she could trust them to take care of things, and walks off as Rei glares at her.

Elsewhere, the Youma stands atop a tall building as the sun sets.

Makoto meets with Motoki at a cafe and asks him about Mamoru's girlfriend. He realizes that the only reason she asked him there is for information and looks dejected, but Makoto bribes him with food, both for Kamekichi and for himself. He starts to eat, looking happy again, but pauses and asks if she likes Mamoru. Makoto quickly tells him no, she's doing it for someone else; Motoki replies that whoever it is should give up, because Mamoru and Hina are engaged. Makoto is surprised.

Later that night, Mamoru and Hina stand together by the waterfront. Hina tells Mamoru that she wants him to go to church with her tomorrow, then adds, looking a little embarassed, that she always wanted to get married at that church. She says that ever since they were kids and decided to get married, she'd decided on a church, even though that must sound silly. Mamoru remembers when they were children together, and thinks that he could never betray Hina.

In her bedroom, Usagi slowly works on her unfinished muffler. She pauses, remembering her interactions with Mamoru in the past, and wonders why she likes him. She sighs, drops her knitting, and flops over onto the pillow next to her.

Minako works on a poster, declaring that she's going to be the one who takes care of the dog. Artemis points out that she's been spending a lot of time with Sailor Mars lately, but Minako insists that it's definitely not friendship; if anything, it's the opposite. Artemis sighs that Minako can be awfully stubborn. Minako pauses, wondering aloud why the Youma attacked the priest; Artemis thinks that it could just be coincidence, but Minako doesn't agree. She looks at the word "Mass" on her poster and suddenly realizes something.

The church bells ring as people file in for Mass, including Hina and Mamoru. Rei puts up posters for the lost dog, and discusses the missing Youma with Luna, who is riding in her bicycle basket. Rei goes to get another piece of tape and notices Minako putting up her poster (which is much, much larger than Rei's). When she angrily asks what Minako is doing, Minako asks her why the Youma would attack the priest. Luna exclaims that it had another purpose, and Minako points at "Mass" on her poster. Rei realizes what's going on and turns to Luna.

As people fill the chapel, Hina and Mamoru pause briefly at the entrance, and Hina remarks on how nice the church is.

In the Secret Base, Ami reacts with surprise as Makoto tells her about Mamoru's fiancee. Makoto replies that she'd told Usagi not to give up. Usagi, however, is currently lying on her bed and looking depressed as she thinks about Mamoru. Her phone vibrates several times before she realizes that it's ringing, but she picks it up to hear Luna telling her to hurry to the church; in the Secret Base, Makoto and Ami get the same call and quickly leave.

The priest gives his sermon in the chapel, then as the congregation bows their heads to pray, the Youma emerges from his body and gathers everyone's energy. Mamoru realizes what's going on, and manages to get Hina out of there, but they're pursued by the Youma.

Usagi races toward the church and meets up with Ami, Makoto, and Rei along the way. They see purple energy emerging from the church's spire and transform as they run.

Mamoru and Hina run into the gymnasium, but the Youma attacks and Hina collapses. Mamoru watches its approach with a grimace, but then the Sailor Senshi appear and Sailor Moon orders the Youma to stop. She and Mamoru meet each others' eyes for a moment, then Mamoru also faints. Sailor Moon is briefly immobilized by shock, and Sailor Jupiter, noticing this, runs in front of her and attacks the Youma with Flower Hurricane. The Youma just shrugs off the attack, and the Senshi prepare for battle - but Jadeite suddenly appears and attacks. He declares that he was revived just to fight them. Nephrite also appears, and demands to know why the Princess isn't with them. The Youma joins the two Shitennou as the Senshi back away slowly.

After a brief scuffle, the Senshi are knocked down, but when their opponents start to move forward, Princess Sailor Venus appears and asks if they're looking for her. Sailor Venus joins the other Senshi, looking them over in turn; Sailor Mars returns her look with a glare. All five Senshi assume their poses in preparation for battle. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars move off together, attracting the attention of the Youma, then Venus runs off; at Jadeite's command the Youma follows, and Mars tells the others to take care of the rest. Jadeite and Nephrite try to follow, but Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury intercept them and declare they're not going anywhere.

The Youma chases Sailor Venus, countering her attacks with one of its own that knocks the Senshi down. Sailor Mars arrives and cartwheels in to the rescue. The two of them position themselves on either side of the Youma and, at the same time, use Youma Taisan and Venus Love-Me Chain to destroy it.

Back in the gymnasium, the three Senshi are faring poorly in the fight against Jadeite and Nephrite. Sailor Mercury suggests that they all combine their powers, and the others agree. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Mist, Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash, but Nephrite manages to shake off the attacks. Shocked, the three Senshi discuss amongst themselves and realize that Sailor Moon was aiming in a different place than the other two, so they try it again, all aiming for Nephrite's shoulder. This time, they manage to knock Nephrite down as Jadeite looks on with some dismay. Nephrite curses them, but Jadeite says it's okay because they still got the energy, and the two of them disappear. Sailor Moon slowly turns and looks toward Mamoru and Hina.

Sailor Mars angrily confronts Sailor Venus, and the two of them argue about the Princess' need for a protector. Sailor Venus tells her that her order as the Princess is for her to not leave Sailor Moon's side.

The three Senshi approach the unconscious Mamoru and Hina, and find Mamoru clinging to Hina's hand. Sailor Moon manages to smile, and says that loving someone is always a good thing. She kneels down beside the couple and reaches out her hands, which begin to glow with a golden light, and as the light fades Mamoru and Hina begin to open their eyes. Sailor Moon looks on with a smile. As soon as Mamoru wakes he immediately turns to Hina, then looks back, but the Senshi are gone. Mamoru and Hina rush back to the chapel and find the congregation getting back to their feet again.

Outside the church that night, an older gentleman is reunited with the lost dog as the priest and Rei look on. Rei remembers Minako's parting words and wonders why, if she's the Princess, she needs to be acting like that, almost as though she wants to be caught.

Minako busily packs a suitcase as Artemis sighs about having to move again. He observes that attracting the enemy's attention and fleeing from them is a lot of work. Minako replies that, from looking at Sailor Moon, they might not have to do it for much longer, which makes Artemis pleased. Minako smiles a little and says that she can't wait to see Mars' reaction, to which Artemis points out that she can't make friends with the other girls because she doesn't want anyone to be sad. Minako looks down and says that there's only about half a year left.

Usagi busily works on her muffler, which has grown significantly longer. She remembers her words about it being a good thing to love someone, and smiles a little.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Beryl and the three Shitennou are gathered together. Beryl declares that she can feel the power of Queen Metalia. The light behind her glows slightly brighter and a strong wind starts to blow, bringing with it black particles of energy. Kunzite says that it's the door of darkness, and Beryl replies that the door will lead to Metalia.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • According to the "Oshiokiyo" omake on the DVD, the actresses had a hard time filming the battle scene in the church gym because the floor was so slippery from being waxed that they kept sliding and falling.


  • Luna was present when Minako and Rei discussed the possibility that the Youma might attack during the Mass, but somehow did not realize that Minako was actually Sailor Venus; in the next episode Luna told Sailor Mars that they did not know how to contact Sailor Venus.


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