Act 27 Mugen 1 Yokan

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Chapter Data
Haruka and Michiru and their fans
Name (kanji/kana): Act 27 無限1 予感
Name (romaji): Act 27 Mugen 1 Yokan
Name (translated): Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition
Volume Number: 6
Chapter Number: 27
Original Number: 24
Crystal Episode: Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Zenpen, Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Kouhen
Previous Chapter: Act 26 Saisei NEVER ENDING
Next Chapter: Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon

A new threat appears, and the Sailor Senshi investigate strange things happening around Mugen Academy.


In the darkness, a voice speaks of an awakening light and the power of the Taioron Crystal which will lead them to destroy the alien beings of the planet, allowing them to create their own world. The voice orders a strange woman to awaken the light that will lead to destruction, and she promises Pharaoh 90 that she will.

In separate places, Rei and Mamoru both awaken from dire dreams. Rei goes to read the fire and wonders at the strange light she sees.

Usagi is awakened from a dream of her wedding with Mamoru and realizes she is, as usual, running late. As she rushes out the door, Chibiusa is watching a news report about a strange monster that attacked Mugen Academy, causing students there to also turn into monsters.

Usagi meets up with Mamoru, and is displeased when Chibiusa, accompanied by Diana, soon joins them. Chibiusa gives Usagi her lunch, which she forgot, and lectures her on how she should have eaten breakfast, which only annoys the older girl. As Chibiusa runs off to join her friends, Usagi remembers the recent battle against the Black Moon Clan and thinks of how peaceful it is now. She takes hold of Mamoru's arm, and he looks down at her, then kisses her. As he does, though, he hears a voice in his mind echoing his dream, speaking of the awakening of the coming destruction. Usagi notices he seems troubled, but he insists it was nothing. As she bids him farewell, Usagi thinks to herself that she knows the peaceful time can't last much longer, but it is her mission to continue to overcome whatever happens next.

A woman with flowing hair climbs out of a swimming pool as her helicopter arrives, and observes to herself that the seas are rough that day.

Haruka Tenou climbs out of her car at a racetrack, accompanied by the cheers of her fans. The helicopter arrives, along with another one belonging to Haruka, who comments that the winds are fierce that day. As the woman emerges from the helicopter, the crowd in the stadium recognizes her as the famous violinst Michiru Kaiou; the fans immediately set to gossping about Haruka and Michiru being the "perfect couple," and how they are both Mugen Academy students.

Usagi and Naru meet the others at the Game Center Crown, where they are trying out a new racing game. As she plays, Naru notices the person next to her who is winning, going an amazing 300 km/h. Usagi crashes, losing the game, and sees the crowd around her competitor, who is now going 400 km/h. As the other player gets up, and turns out to be Haruka. Minako and Makoto are immediately smitten by Haruka's good looks.

As Mamoru approaches the arcade, he accidentally bumps into Michiru, who is waiting outside. She drops a hand mirror and Mamoru goes to pick it up for her; as she sees his reflection in its surface she comments that he must have been a prince in a previous life, startling him.

Haruka sees Michiru outside and goes to join her, after telling Usagi that they should race again some time. Mamoru watches them go, and wonders about Michiru.

As they walk away, Michiru asks about Haruka's "new friend," and Haruka teases her about being jealous of Usagi.

Naru tells Usagi that she recognized the other player as a celebrity, and that Haruka's uniform was from Mugen Academy. Umino appears and notes that the school is in Sankakusu, a district formed by the Tokyo Bay land reclamation project, and Naru observes that Mugen Academy is a place for geniuses and talented people.

As the girls walk by a bookstore, Naru picks up a magazine and finds an article about the famous racecar driver Haruka Tenou, and realizes the identity of the person they met before. The article says that Haruka transferred to Mugen Academy from Juuban Municipal High School, and Minako wonders if their district is home to a celebrity.

While they talk, some girls from Mugen Academy pass by, and Usagi's brooch glows. One of the girls from Mugen Academy suddenly doubles over in apparent pain as a black monstrous creature emerges from her back. Mamoru quickly pulls Naru and Umino out of the way, and the Sailor Senshi transform to face the monster. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter destroy the monster, and the girl falls to the ground as it fades away. Haruka and Michiru watch from the edge of the crowd, and Sailor Venus senses eyes on her, but when she turns around they are gone.

Later, in the Secret Base, Luna and Artemis watch video footage of the monster on the display. Luna comments about the news report that morning about people changing into monsters, and remembers that those affected were also Mugen Academy students. The girls decide that they need to investigate the school, because there's something strange about it.

Usagi returns home and finds Chibiusa on the phone with Mamoru. She immediately demands to know what they were talking about, but Chibiusa refuses to tell. In order to break up the impending fight, Ikuko says that Chibiusa is going to the amusement park the next day. Usagi calls Mamoru back and whines about how she wants to go too, but he reminds her that she's going with her friends to investigate the school. He points out that the park they're going to is next door to the school, so she can call him if she needs anything.

Back at the Base, Luna and Artemis are looking at a map of the area in which Mugen Academy is located. They see that the very center of the area is a triangle divided into three sections: the Tenou zone, the Kaiou zone, and the Meiou zone. In the very center of the triangle is Mugen Academy.

Kaolinite, the woman who talked with Pharaoh 90, observes that things aren't going very well at the moment. She instructs the members of the Witches 5 to find and eliminate the defenders of this planet, the Sailor Senshi, promising them that if they succeed, they might be able to reach the rank of Magus, which she holds.

As the girls stand in front of Mugen Academy, they sense something very wrong about it. Makoto observes that she feels like a storm is coming. Minako again feels someone's eyes on her, and quickly turns.

Mamoru and Asanuma wait with some of Chibiusa's friends as she and Momoko ride a rollercoaster for the second time. While she is on the ride, Chibiusa's hat flies off, so she runs off to find it. When Momoko returns without Chibiusa, Mamoru quickly hurries off to find her.

The girls discuss the school, and how it holds grades from preschool through graduate school, and observe that it also has strong security and wonder how they are going to get in. Usagi pulls out her Disguise Pen and transforms herself into a Mugen Academy student, then runs inside and leaves her dismayed friends behind. She looks around the building, and when she hears music playing, is drawn toward the sound.

Outside, Usagi's friends, Mamoru, and Chibiusa also hear the violin music and head toward its source.

Usagi finds Michiru playing a violin, and observes that the music feels like waves. Michiru stops as she sees Usagi, and warns her that coming to this place is dangerous.

Haruka intercepts Usagi's friends as they approach and tells them to leave and not get in their way.

Usagi is spotted by a real student and runs away quickly, thinking about how cold Michiru's eyes were. She wonders if the girl could possibly be an enemy, and hurries off to re-join her friends.

Chibiusa finds her hat again outside a building with a sign that reads "Tomoe Research Laboratory." While there, she sees a girl crouching on the ground, apparently in pain. When Chibiusa approaches the girl to offer help, she tells her to go away because the area is off limits.

Usagi finds Chibiusa again, and a monster begins to appear as the two girls' brooches begin to glow. They turn and see the monster descending, while two figures watch, silhouetted in the moonlight.


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