Act 31 - Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!

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Makoto is worried because she is the only one who has not yet awakened her Senshi power, and her friends try to find various ways to help her.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Jupiter's Senshi power awakens
Name (kanji/kana): ジュピターが戦士の力に目覚めた!
Name (romaji): Jupitaa ga Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta!
Name (translated): Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!
Episode Number: 31
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: May 15, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 30 - Mio Deceives Usagi
Next Episode: Act 32 - Mamoru Came Back

Makoto is concerned because she is the only one who has not awakened her Senshi power, and wonders why that is.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is once again trying to plan a date with Makoto. When she arrives, she notices that his arm is in a sling; he explains that he was moving and injured himself. Makoto offers to bring him some curry, because she always makes plenty, and he excitedly accepts.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei enter the Secret Base to find Makoto eating a large bowl of potatoes. Luna explains that it's special training, because Makoto hates potatoes. The others are dubious that it will work, but Luna says that because they don't know what is holding Makoto back, she's focusing on things that Makoto hates. Makoto insists that she doesn't mind, because she is willing to try anything to awaken her powers. Usagi is so awed by Makoto's determination that she tries to help, but only causes the other girl to choke, and much chaos ensues.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite enters the room where Zoisite is playing his piano. Nephrite thinks that if he regains his memories, Queen Beryl will notice him again, but Zoisite says that his true master is not Beryl, but rather Prince Endymion. Nephrite insists that he will choose his own master. Zoisite says he will understand once he has his memories back, and begins to tell him of when the Shitennou protected the Earth and its Prince.

Minako and Artemis discuss Makoto's lack of progress; Minako believes that she will definitely make it, because they were born carrying their past lives for a reason.

At the Tsukino residence, the family is sitting down for dinner when the phone rings. Ikuko picks it up and discovers that Kenji is calling, and Usagi and Shingo start yelling messages to their father. Ikuko finally gets frustrated and tells them to be quiet because she can't hear Papa's voice.

Alone in her apartment, Makoto works on making a pot of curry.

The next day, Motoki has a plate of rice all ready for curry, and eagerly awaits Makoto's arrival. He offers her the movie tickets as thanks, and she tries to take both, until he awkwardly tells her that one of them is for him. They both laugh nervously.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi is excited about Makoto's date with Motoki, although Makoto refuses to call it that. Luna declares that the date is also Senshi training. Usagi tells Makoto that she needs a cute outfit to wear, and pulls out her Teletia S. After trying out the various phones, though, Makoto becomes frustrated and says that she will just wear her own clothes.

As she sits in the theater with Motoki, Makoto remembers Usagi saying that Motoki likes her, but doesn't think it could be true.

After the movie, Motoki cries over the program from the movie, declaring that it was "touching," and Makoto offers him a handkerchief. Motoki tells her that she's a very feminine girl, which surprises Makoto, because she had never heard that before. Motoki starts to talk about how he is living on his own because he didn't want to stay with his parents anymore, and asks Makoto about her parents. She tells him that they died when she was small, which makes him uncomfortable, and Makoto stands up to leave. She is interrupted, however, by Luna, who demands that the two of them go on a proper date.

Luna returns to the Secret Base and reports on what was going on, and after the girls engage in some discussion about Makoto and the date, Usagi decides to go follow the two.

Makoto and Motoki walk along the river and, after some awkward conversation, Motoki finally admits that he has liked her ever since she gave him the muffler. Makoto apologizes and says that she doesn't think it would work out, because she's not like he thinks she is. Motoki feels bad about being refused, but says he feels better now for having said it, and repeats that he still thinks Makoto is feminine.

Motoki walks down the street, holding the muffler in his hands, and runs into Usagi, Ami, and Rei. When they ask about the date, he sadly tells them that he was rejected.

Makoto sits by herself on the riverbank, staring thoughtfully at the water. As she rises to her feet again, several Youma suddenly appear. Makoto calls the others for help, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter and begins to fight the Youma. She gets rid of most of them, leaving only the largest one.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite tells Queen Beryl that Youma have suddenly appeared in the city, and asks if she sent them. She says that she didn't, and wonders if it was because of Queen Metalia's power.

Sailor Jupiter chases the last Youma into a wooded area and they begin to fight. When she tries to use Supreme Thunder, the Youma absorbs the attack and seems unaffected.

As Usagi, Ami, and Rei run through the city with Luna, they are suddenly confronted by several Youma. Usagi is surprised to see so many, and Rei observes that they are fairly weak. The four of them transform and proceed to fight the Youma. When one of them starts to sneak up behind Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus suddenly appears and destroys it.

Sailor Jupiter's fight is not going well, but she realizes that she has to defeat him on her own. She thinks that, for her whole life up until now, she has managed to get by on her own. As the Youma backs her up against a tree, she suddenly seems to hear something in the sound of the wind through the leaves. She closes her eyes and concentrates, and a thunderstorm rolls in. Her friends arrive just then and are concerned, but Sailor Venus tells them that her power is awakening. Sailor Jupiter draws down lightning from the clouds overhead, and uses it for a powered-up version of Supreme Thunder, which this time destroys the Youma.

The other Senshi rush up and congratulate her, and Luna asks what happened. Sailor Jupiter replies that she realized that it was necessary for her to end up alone, that it was decided in her past life. She assures the others that it doesn't mean she won't have friends, and she can't explain it very well, but she has realized that the present is being influenced by their past. Sailor Venus seems to be the only one who understands what she means.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite stops Zoisite's playing, angry that he has not yet remembered anything. Zoisite tells him that his attitude is the reason for his failure, which only makes Nephrite more angry. Zoisite starts to play again, saying that he should meet his master, then; he summons up the image of Mamoru's apartment, then draws Mamoru from there into the room with the Shitennou. Kunzite walks into the room then and demands to know what is going on, as Jadeite peeks in from the doorway.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Kenji Tsukino was first mentioned in this episode, although he did not appear in person. He remained off-camera through the rest of the TV series, although he was referred to and called home occasionally. His only on-screen appearance was in the DVD/VHS-only Special Act.
  • The appearance of Queen Metalia's Youma in this episode echoed a major feature in the tokusatsu tradition since the first Kamen Rider series in the 70s: a team of masked and uniformed enemy combatants led by a more powerful monstrous humanoid. The major difference was that, for this series, Queen Metalia's Youma acted independently and were not subordinates of the more powerful Youma.


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