Act 57 Stars 8

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Chapter Data
Sailor Chi thrusts her staff through Sailor Kakyuu's chest
Name (kanji/kana): Act 57 スターズ8
Name (romaji): Act 57 Sutaazu 8
Name (translated): Act 57 Stars 8
Volume Number: 12
Chapter Number: 57
Original Number: 49
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Cosmos
Previous Chapter: Act 56 Stars 7
Next Chapter: Act 58 Stars 9

Sailor Moon, Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon continue on their way to confront Sailor Galaxia, and on the way are attacked by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, then by Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi.


Princess Kakyuu calls out to the Sailor Starlights as their bodies begin to disintegrate in blue fire. As they vanish, Kakyuu cries out and collapses into Sailor Moon’s arms. Sailor Moon reminds Kakyuu that the Sailor Crystals of the Starlights will not disappear and if they regain those crystals, they could revive their bodies. With revived hope, Sailor Moon, Princess Kakyuu, and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon make their way towards the castle on the horizon. Unfortunately, every time they approach the castle, it seems to vanish. Sailor Moon is frustrated, but she realizes that she is destined to find Galaxia because she had been called here. Sailor Moon focuses her thoughts and tries to locate Sailor Galaxia and the Sailor Crystals of her friends.

Within the castle, Sailor Galaxia stands in a long dress with her hair unbound, flowing around her. She can sense Sailor Moon’s presence. Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi appear in her throne room and ask for forgiveness for the failures of Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne. They present the Sailor Crystals of those two to Galaxia and the crystals fly up and get absorbed into a larger crystal above them.

Sailor Phi reflects on the beauty of the Garden Crystal. She says that she can sense the powers of all of the Sailor Senshi within it. Phi tells us that the bodies of those soldiers meant nothing compared to the powers they held, and that the powers without the body were minimal. Through using Sailor Galaxia’s Saffer Crystal, she explains, they are able to utilize the great power of the Sailor Crystals.

Sailor Galaxia tells Sailor Chi and Phi that once she has Sailor Moon’s crystal, she will have the two most powerful crystals in the galaxy: her Saffer Crystal, the most destructive, and the Silver Crystal, with the powers of life. With these two crystals, Galaxia plans to rule the entire universe.

Sailor Chi then presents the Starlights’ crystals to Galaxia; those crystals join the others in the Garden Crystal. Then Sailor Chi and Phi leave to get more Sailor Crystals.

Left on her own, Galaxia prepares for the battle. The Saffer Crystal on her chest glows and her sailor fuku appears. “I will finally meet you, Sailor Moon,” she thinks, “a new history of the galaxy will begin at the place where destiny began.” She walks through groin-vaulted palace halls to meet with Chaos. “The time you have been waiting for is here,” she tells it. Chaos is pleased.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon, Princess Kakyuu, and Chibi Chibi Moon are stuck in a sudden fog. As it clears, the air is filled with innumerable butterflies. “This is the final resting place of stars,” a voice tells them. The woman speaking has large butterfly wings and a sailor fuku. She tells her guests that the butterflies are the last flames of the stars and that the procession of them never ends. Princess Kakyuu catches sight of three crosses with the faces of the Starlights on them. “Their graves…!” she cries out, but the woman directs their attention to new graves being dug and asks if they too have come to lose their lives. She wonders aloud what color butterflies will fly next.

Usagi is stunned to see the faces of Princess Kakyuu, Chibi Chibi Moon, and herself on the new gravestones. Before they can react, vines wrap around their bodies and pull them up into the air.

“I am the final soldier of the Sailor Animamates!” the woman tells them. “I am the soul hunter, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon! I will give you a beautiful funeral. The galaxy’s hope will be burned alive!” She tells them all to suffer as flames leap up all around her captives. They scream in pain, but then there is a flash in the sky. Chibi Chibi Moon sees it and seems to make a connection.

Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet appear and use their combined attack, “Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss!” to free their comrades. The Sailor Quartet performs their combined attack Amazoness Jungle Arrow to destroy Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.

Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Vesta, and Sailor Pallas introduce themselves as the Sailor Quartet and Sailor Chibi Moon announces herself. Sailor Moon is excited to see Sailor Chibi Moon and Chibi Moon apologizes for not coming sooner. Chibi Moon tells Sailor Moon about what is happening in the future. She says that everyone’s crystals were glowing and that their bodies were disappearing. Sailor Moon tells Chibi Moon that their crystals have been taken by Sailor Galaxia - and not just the crystals of the Solar System, but crystals from Sailor Senshi from all over the galaxy. Sailor Moon recalls Galaxia’s question, “Will the future you know come to pass?”

Sailor Moon becomes resolute to make the future with her own hands. She tells Chibi Moon that she will get their crystals back and revive their bodies and also adds that she is happy Chibi Moon arrived safely.

Sailor Chibi Moon tells Sailor Moon that she originally went to the 20th century Earth, but found no one was there and that Luna, Artemis and Diana had already been killed. The Sailor Quartet adds that they thought they had been too late. But then, Chibi Moon explains, a bright light brought them to the right place. “We heard your voice from the light,” Chibi Moon says. “Were you the one that guided us here?”

Sailor Moon is a bit stunned and says that she doesn’t have that kind of power. She explains that she came there by the power of Princess Kakyuu. Kakyuu says that she does not possess the power to have transported them that far. “So who?” they all wonder as Chibi Chibi Moon clutches Sailor Moon’s leg with a puzzled look.

“Who is this?” Sailor Ceres asks, noticing Chibi Chibi Moon.

“This is Sailor Chibi Chibi!” Sailor Moon explains. Sailor Chibi Moon does not like the name and shows it, while Sailor Moon asks Chibi Chibi if there should be a ‘Moon’ at the end of her name. Chibi Chibi Moon just stares in confusion. Sailor Moon tells the others that Chibi Chibi Moon came through time and space to get there like Chibi Moon had. She asks if Chibi Chibi is Chibi Moon’s little sister.

“My sister?!” Chibi Moon asks. Sailor Ceres reflects on the fact that Chibi Chibi looks a little like the Queen and wonders if she might be a second child. Sailor Vesta adds that she heard that the Queens have only ever given birth to one child, and Sailor Juno and Sailor Pallas say they had learned the same thing.

Sailor Moon asks if the child then belongs to Chibi Moon, but Chibi Moon does not like this suggestion at all. Sailor Moon tells them that Chibi Chibi has not really told her anything about where she comes from or what she wants, but it is clear that she is an ally because she has fought with them and helped so many times.

Sailor Chibi Moon can sense that this young girl is not her child. She wonders if Chibi Chibi brought them to the center of the galaxy from Earth and compares her power to Sailor Moon’s. Chibi Chibi hides shyly behind Sailor Moon as the fog lifts and the castle of Shadow Galactica is revealed. It is a massive building of gothic architecture with a giant crystal at the top.

Sailor Chi and Phi appear again, welcome Sailor Moon and the others to the Star Garden, and introduce themselves as the Star Gardeners. Princess Kakyuu demands the Starlights’ crystals back. Chi raises her staff and a large crystal appears before them; Kakyuu wonders if the Starlights’ crystals are within it.

Sailor Phi realizes that more Sailor Crystals have come to them and Sailor Chi and Phi prepare for an attack. Suddenly Princess Kakyuu shouts out that she will fight too, and calls out “Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up!” Sailor Moon watches in shock as Princess Kakyuu becomes the guardian of the Kinmoku Star, Sailor Kakyuu. She calls on the power of the Starlights’ and uses her Starlights Royal Straight Flush attack, destroying some of the crystals around them. Chi and Phi shout out and the other crystals vanish. Kakyuu is stunned but there is not time. Sailor Phi attacks with Galactica Plants Blizzard, but Kakyuu counters it with Kinmoku Fusion Tempest.

Sailor Moon begins an attack and Sailor Kakyuu reminds her that their powers come from their bracelets. As Sailor Moon releases Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and destroys Sailor Phi, Sailor Chi comes up behind Sailor Kakyuu. Sailor Chibi Moon tries to warn her, but Kakyuu is struck by Sailor Chi’s staff as it pierces her torso. Kakyuu falls bleeding to the ground as Sailor Moon cries out to her. The Sailor Quartet use their powers to attack Sailor Chi, but it is too late for Kakyuu.

Sailor Moon holds Kakyuu. Kakyuu tells Sailor Moon that she hopes, when the battle is over, that they will be reborn into a peaceful world. She asks Sailor Moon if she thinks she will be reborn again and Sailor Moon tells her that she will be because of the Sailor Crystals. Kakyuu says that the Sailor Crystals are their only hope and then she dies in Sailor Moon’s arms.

Sailor Moon cries out her name and a staff strikes the ground between Kakyuu’s legs. Sailor Chi is there, looming over them. “If you die too, the battle will end,” she says as she demands that Sailor Moon sacrifice her power and her crystal.

Sailor Moon remains resolute and knows that there will always be battles. She stands up to Sailor Chi and tells her that she cannot have her crystal. “I will end this battle with the power of the Silver Crystal!”

She remembers Kakyuu’s words of hope and tells Chi that Sailor Crystals are not for war and destruction, they are for peace, happiness, and rebirth. She reaffirms her belief in this as she trusts her staff forward and destroys Sailor Chi.

On the steps of the castle, nine lights appear. Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi run to Sailor Moon and push her away from Sailor Kakyuu as her body is destroyed and her Sailor Crystal is revealed. The Crystal disappears, then reappears over the hand of a Sailor Senshi wearing a Galactica Bracelet. A voice tells Sailor Moon that they are her next opponents.

On the steps of the castle of Shadow Galactica stand the eight Senshi of the Solar System, all with bracelets on their wrists.


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