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Chapter Data
Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter
Name (kanji/kana): Act 5 まこと - SAILORJUPITER
Name (romaji): Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Name (translated): Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 5
Original Number: 5
Crystal Episode: Act.5 MAKOTO - SAILOR JUPITER -
Previous Chapter: Act 4 Masquerade Kamenbutoukai
Next Chapter: Act 6 Tuxedo Kamen TUXEDO MASK

A new transfer student arrives at the school as Usagi and her friends investigate rumors of a cursed bridal shop.


In a dream, Usagi wanders through fog, wondering who and where she is. She hears a voice calling and sees a figure in the distance but cannot tell who it might be.

Luna wakes Usagi, telling her that she's going to be late; Usagi sleepily thinks that she had a strange dream, but now can't remember what it was. As they walk to school, Luna lectures Usagi on acting more like the Sailor Senshi that she is, and says that based on what he said at their last meeting, she should avoid Tuxedo Mask. Usagi insists that she can't help seeing him, and inwardly thinks that just hearing his name makes her heart race, and she feels like she knows him from somewhere before.

While lost in her daydream Usagi wanders out into the road and is almost hit by a car. A stranger rushes in and pushes her out of the way, telling Usagi that she should be careful. Usagi is mildly stunned and agrees, inwardly noting that the girl is wearing pink rose earrings and has a sweet smell about her.

At the school, Naru shows her classmates a picture of her in a wedding dress, saying that she had it taken at a bridal shop while her cousin was getting her dress. Her excitement fades, though, when she admits that her cousin's fiance has gone missing. As Usagi and her friends wish enthusiastically to one day be a bride the tall girl from earlier accidentally bumps into Usagi from behind. The girl apologizes and walks on, but a teacher stops her and lectures her on her uniform and hair; the girl replies that none of the uniforms were her size and that her hair is natural. Umino appears and tells the girls that the girl is a transfer student who was kicked out of her old school for fighting.

At lunchtime Naru and Usagi go to eat outside, and Usagi sees the new girl eating alone under a tree, and is instantly enthralled by her cute and tasty-looking lunch. As she stands there a boy playing baseball hits the ball directly toward Usagi, but the new girl saves her again and throws the ball back. The girl recognizes Usagi from earlier and offers her some lunch. Usagi accepts and begins enthusiastically eating, and the new girl thanks Usagi for coming over because everyone else seemed afraid to even talk to her. She asks about nearby stores, and Usagi immediately volunteers to show her around.

After school the two of them go to Game Center Crown, and as they play the Sailor V game, Ami and Luna arrive with Motoki. Ami notices the new girl's talent with the Sailor V game, and Motoki asks who she is. The girl then introduces herselk as Makoto Kino. Motoki introduces himself and Usagi realizes this is the first she has heard his name, even though she has spent so much time in the arcade with him. Ami then tells them a rumor she heard about the bridal shop in the shopping center. They go to take a look, and Makoto admires the dress on the mannequin out front, wishing she could be a bride someday. As they stand there they overhear two women talking about the shop and about how it is haunted by the ghost of a dead bride who floats around after midnight, seducing any man she sees. They say that the ghost will curse anyone who buys a dress at the shop.

The girls go to meet Rei at the Hikawa Shrine, and her grandfather offers them jobs at the temple because they're so pretty. Rei sees Makoto for the first time and senses something unusual about her. They all discuss the bridal shop and what happened with Naru's cousin. Rei disdainfully says that if a man is tricked by a ghost then it's his own fault. Makoto excuses herself and heads home, and as they watch her go Rei and Luna exchange significant glances.

As they walk home Usagi and Luna hear more people talking about the bridal store ghost dragging another man away and decide to check it out that night.

At the bridal shop, the mannequin comes to life and finds Motoki, who is nearby and alone. The "bride" hypnotizes him, telling him to become her slave and give up his energy. Shortly afterwards Motoki finds Makoto and tells her that he has been waiting for her. She is surprised, and he tells her to look into his eyes. Mamoru is coincidentally walking by just then and sees this encounter, and seems concerned.

At the Tsukino house Usagi is awakened when Tuxedo Mask appears on her windowsill. Without a word he runs off again, and Usagi chases after. Luna wakes as Usagi leaves and uses the communicator to contact Rei and Ami.

Usagi wonders where he is leading her, and soon her question is answered when she sees Makoto being seduced by Motoki as the both of them are surrounded by a strange light. As Ami, Rei, and Luna arrive, Usagi sees the bride ghost and takes out the Disguise Pen.

The "bride" demands more and more energy, thinking that once she is done with them her victims will become mannequins sacrificed for the sake of their great leader. A groom appears and threatens the bride, who demands to know who he is. The man then transforms into Sailor Moon, and is joined by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. As the three introduce themselves Makoto realizes that she has been tricked. This angers her, and the planetary symbol of Jupiter appears on her forehead. She throws the supposed bride down, and Luna gives the girl a Transformation Pen which allows Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter.

The bride disappears, to be revealed as a mere shadow of Nephrite. Jupiter uses Flower Hurricane to blind Nephrite, then calls down lightning to destroy him.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sees this and is upset, but Kunzite chides him for not using his head. Queen Beryl is angry that the Senshi once again interfered, and says that if only they had the Silver Crystal they could do so much more. She orders her minions to hurry and bring the Crystal to her.

Sailor Jupiter sinks to her knees in exhaustion, and while the girls are distracted Tuxedo Mask departs; as Luna watches him go she wonders why he brought Usagi there in the first place. Motoki and the other victims of the "ghost" wake up unharmed but confused, as Sailor Jupiter tells the other Senshi that Motoki reminded her of her senpai who broke her heart. She changed schools because she felt inside like she needed to, and that something more important than love was waiting here. Luna says that she is now one of the team, and Sailor Jupiter knows that this is the reason she was drawn here.

The crescent on Luna's forehead glows and the Moon Stick appears and drops to the ground. Luna tells Sailor Moon that now the four Sailor Senshi have been gathered, and now she must step up as leader and search for the Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal.


  • In the original version of the manga, Sailor Jupiter's lightning attack was not named. In the reprint version, however, it became Jupiter Thunderbolt.
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