Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet

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Episode Data

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Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): プリマをねらえ! うさぎのバレエ
Name (Romaji): Purima wo Nerae! Usagi no Baree
Name (Translated): Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet
Name (Viz Dub): Become a Prima: Usagi's Ballet
Episode Number: 145
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Mari Tominaga
Air Date: August 19, 1995
Previous Episode: Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze
Next Episode: Holiday in Juuban! A Carefree Princess
First English Dub Episode
Name: Tutu Treachery
Number: 138
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: October 19, 2000
Previous Episode: Beach Blanket Bungle
Next Episode: The Duchess's Day Off

Usagi begins ballet lessons in the hope of becoming a prima. Fisheye enrolls in the same class, and soon catches the eye of the instructor.


Usagi and Chibiusa stand in front of the studio of the Yamagishi Ballet Company, reading a poster advertising a performance of Giselle. According to the poster the studio offers free lessons for beginners and they are looking for new members for the cast of the upcoming ballet; the two girls immediately imagine themselves as star ballerinas and decide they will take lessons.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi tells her friends about how she signed up for lessons and will be performing in Giselle - not as the title role, of course, but she says the role will be perfect for her. Chibiusa mournfully admits that they wouldn't allow children in. Rei teases Usagi about being part of such a romantic story, and when Usagi declares that her talent was clear to see, the others wonder what will happen when people who actually know ballet see Usagi try to dance.

As Usagi changes for her first lesson at the ballet studio she finds a tack inside her shoe. At first she wonders aloud who could have done such a thing, then declares that she will rise above such torment and become the best prima ballerina in the world. Chibiusa looks in in disgust and asks if she put the tack there herself, whereupon Usagi looks embarrassed.

Once inside the studio Usagi and Chibiusa attempt the barre exercises, and as they do they overhear Yamagishi lecturing Kiriko on how she is dancing the role of Giselle. The girls are amazed that even a dancer as good as she still needs to improve.

Back in the locker room Fisheye admires himself in the mirror, musing that he always wanted to wear a leotard. He smiles at his reflection and declares that the star role will now be his.

In the studio Yamagishi announces it is time for the beginners class, but asks Kiriko to stay so they can keep working on her part after the class is over. When the other members of the class enter the studio, though, Usagi is amazed to see her friends have joined as well. Fisheye shyly greets the others, while inwardly sighing over how rowdy they seem. As the lesson progresses Usagi and her friends prove to be not at all talented at ballet, but Fisheye performs perfectly. Yamagishi stares at "her" in awe, realizing that she would be perfect for Giselle, and asks her to stay after the class ends. Kiriko overhears this and confronts Yamagishi, declaring that she is the same as Giselle: doomed to be betrayed by the one she loves. She runs off in tears while Fisheye smirks, determined to win not only the starring role but Yamagishi's heart as well.

After the class is over Usagi lingers in the locker room, whining about how tired she is. Her friends finally go on ahead, leaving her with Chibiusa, and the two of them overhear members of the troupe gossiping about the newcomer playing Giselle and what that will mean for Kiriko.

As Usagi and Chibiusa walk home they see Kiriko standing alone and stop to talk to her. She says that she overreacted and Yamagishi gave the role to another because she wasn't skilled enough. Chibiusa disagrees and says that when she saw Kiriko dance it made her feel warm and happy; she guesses that Kiriko likes Yamagishi, and Kiriko confirms it. She explains that Giselle was betrayed by her love and died, but still tried to save him because she loved him; she wanted to be like Giselle and help Yamagishi with the ballet, even if he didn't love her in return. Chibiusa and Usagi encourage her and say that all she needs to do is her best, and Kiriko agrees, cheered up by their words.

Later that night, Chibiusa talks to Pegasus with the Stallion Rêve and tells him about Kiriko and Yamagishi. Pegasus replies that people who want the same thing can understand each other, and he is certain that Yamagishi is thinking about Kiriko as well. Chibiusa sighs that grown-ups are complicated, but hopes that Kiriko will be happy in the end.

At the ballet studio, Yamagishi and Fisheye call a halt to their practice, and Yamagishi suggests that they should practice on stage soon. As he does, though, he is momentarily distracted by thoughts of Kiriko. Fisheye guesses what he is thinking and chides him, saying he should think about how girls feel and how they want to be taken care of by the one they love. He gets close to Yamagishi and asks to see his dream - but just then Usagi and Chibiusa fall through the door where they've been listening. Embarrassed, Usagi says she just forgot her shoes and wasn't listening. Fisheye becomes angry and storms off, and Yamagishi tells the girls to go home, but asks Usagi to come to the theater the next day to prepare her role.

Kiriko arrives at the theater with her ballet shoes in hand, telling herself that even if she couldn't be Giselle she wants to help somehow.

On the stage inside the theater Fisheye dances the role of Giselle with Yamagishi, and when they finish Yamagishi thanks Fisheye, saying that thanks to "her" he has almost finished Kiriko's Giselle. Fisheye is stunned to hear this, and Yamagishi apologizes for not explaining, but says that he never intended for anyone else to play Giselle. Though he offers another role, Fisheye insists that anything other than the starring role is worthless, especially since he's a better dancer than Kiriko. Yamagishi says that Fisheye is better technically, but a warm-hearted, technically imperfect Giselle is better, in order to touch the hearts of those who are watching. Kiriko steps out onto the stage from the wings where she was listening, tearfully declaring that she understands now, and she and Yamagishi embrace.

Furious, Fisheye drops his disguise and attacks Kiriko, saying that he is the only one allowed to deceive people. He counts to three and removes Yamagishi's Dream Mirror, just as Usagi and Chibiusa arrive backstage. The girls transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon and confront Fisheye just as he expresses disappointment that Pegasus wasn't in Yamagishi's Dream Mirror. Fisheye says that he was already in a bad mood and summons his Lemures, Kurumiwario, before vanishing.

Kurumiwario begins to act as a dance instructor before declaring his special attack, grand fouetté en tournant. The two Sailor Senshi are awed by his skill and applaud, but the Lemures shoves a tutu onto Sailor Moon and chides her for being overweight. He declares that he will give her extra training and makes her spin until the tutu breaks and she collapses. He announces his next attack, grand battement, in which he flings explosive walnuts at the Senshi. After they successfully dodge the attacks he says that he has no more to teach them, so now they will dance in hell - but before he can attack again a red rose strikes the stage and Tuxedo Mask appears. Kurumiwario mishears Tuxedo Mask's name, and while they talk Sailor Chibi Moon uses Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus so Sailor Moon can destroy the Lemures with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Kiriko and Yamagishi revive and embrace each other, and following their example Sailor Moon rushes over to Tuxedo Mask. He asks her if maybe she should go on a diet after all, which makes Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon start squabbling again.

Later, the girls watch the performance of Giselle and are impressed by the beautiful dancing, but wonder where Usagi is on stage. Chibiusa says that Usagi didn't want to tell them, and points out where she's playing the moon amidst the scenery. Usagi wails that this can't be the role most suited for her.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • When Kurumiwario performed his version of the "grand fouetté en tournant" he spun thirty-two times; 32 fouettés en tournant is a famous and very difficult movement in ballet.


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