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Video Game Character
Name: Anshar
Name (kanji/kana): アンシャル
Alignment: Hell Destiny
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: Leader of the Oppositio Senshi
Family: Sin (older sister)
Associates: Oppositio, Kishar, Chibiusa
Aliases: None
Game: Sailor Moon: Another Story

Anshar was a video game-only character who appeared in Sailor Moon: Another Story. He was the younger brother of Sin and the leader of the Oppositio Senshi, although he often seemed that he did not know everything that was happening. He was good-hearted, but would often do the wrong thing out of a desire to make his sister happy, which conflicted with his friendship with (and crush on) Chibiusa. He was always seen with his pet Kishar.

He wanted Chibiusa to give up fighting, but she refused to even consider it, which often left them on opposite sides. In a confrontation at the Crystal Palace Anshar refused to fight Sailor Chibi Moon, but Apsu appeared and brainwashed him into battling. He was defeated by Sailor Chibi Moon, but saved from death by the power of her Silver Crystal.

Depending on which party defeated the Deity of Destruction, Anshar's storyline could have one of two different endings. If Sailor Moon emerged victorious, Anshar, along with Nabu, Nergal, Marduk, and Ishtar, would be reunited with Sin as they started anew. However, if it was Sailor Chibi Moon who defeated the Deity of Destruction, Anshar appeared and forced Sin out of the Deity's body, leaving Apsu to die alone. As a result, the destinies of Anshar and the other Oppositio Senshi would be drastically altered, so that none of them had ever fought any battles and Anshar no longer remembered Chibiusa.


  • Time Travel - Anshar had the ability to travel though time.
  • Kamaitachi - a game-only attack.


  • In mythology, Anshar was the Sumerian sky god, and was also associated with the goddess Kishar.