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Apple Pie (アップルパイ) is a group which performed several songs for the Sailor Moon anime. The members of Apple Pie have changed a few times since it was formed in 1990, and it currently consists of two female vocalists, Kayoko Hirayama (平山佳代子) and Saeko Sugiyama (杉山小絵子).

Originally, the group was called "Ichiro's Company" (一郎さんの仲間たち), as they got their start singing backup vocals for Ichiro Mizuki. At first there were both male and female members of the group, but after the male members left, rumor says that Mr. Mizuki proposed the remaining all-female group change their name to "oppai" (おっぱい; meaning "breasts") but since the name was inappropriate for their audience, they just kept the "pai" part to become "Apple Pie."[1] The remaining members also sometimes use the alias "Eternal Kids." The group is best known for its backup vocals in the anime/tokusatsu song concerts of Ichiro Mizuki and other well-known anison figures, such as Akira Kushida and Mitsuko Horie.

Previous members of Apple Pie include:

  • Yuko Shimizu (清水裕子)
  • Yumi Takano (高野由美)
  • Emiko Yanagiya (柳屋恵美子)
  • Kotomi Sakai (坂井琴美)
  • Yuki Fujimoto (藤本由紀)
  • Masako Man'nami (万波雅子)
  • Miyuki Yamazaki (山崎未由希)
  • Kumiko Inabe (稲辺久美子)
  • Megumi Tano (田野恵)
  • Mizue Minamide (南出瑞絵)
  • Misako Kubo (久保美佐子)
  • Yoko Azuki (あづきようこ)
  • Sayuri Saito (斉藤小百合)
  • Sayuri Yoshida (吉田小百合)

Since leaving the group, some of the performers have become more well-known than others. Sayuri Yoshida became a seiyuu, known for such roles as Himeno Awayuki in Pretear, Ruubet in Gokudo, and Juliette in Cyborg Kuro-chan. Sayuri Saito has performed a handful of theme songs as a soloist, including the theme song from the Locke the Superman: New World Battle Team OAV.

In March 2006, Apple Pie released the CD Apple Pie Sweet♥Best♥Sweet, which includes two songs from the Sailor Moon series.



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