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Video Game Character
Name: Apsu
Name (kanji/kana): 魔人シャーマン・アプスー
Alignment: Hell Destiny
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: Leader of the Oppositio Senshi
Associates: Oppositio Senshi
Aliases: Deity of Destruction
Game: Sailor Moon: Another Story

Apsu was the main villain in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story. She was a shaman from the future Crystal Tokyo who formed the antagonist group Hell Destiny. Her goal was to obtain the Silver Crystal, which she believed would cure her fatal illness. She convinced five disgruntled girls to form the Oppositio Senshi to combat the Sailor Senshi in the present, and also attempted to disrupt history, leading to the resurrection of several defeated enemies.

She confronted the Senshi late in the game, in her base in the half-sunken Tower of Time, from where she had easier access to change destinies at will. She tried to remove the Senshi from her path by attacking Sailor Moon, but the Senshi defended herself with the innermost power of her heart. Apsu was forced to then battle the other Senshi as well, but was defeated.

Apsu was not killed in the battle, however, and when Sin appeared before her and offered her body, Apsu merged with the former Oppositio Senshi to form an entity called the Deity of Destruction. In the end, with the Deity of Destruction slain by the Senshi, and though Sin managed to survive, Apsu perished.

Her name was taken from Abzu, a deity found in the Babylonian creation myth, as well as a river named after the god.