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Black Dog is a Japanese doujinshi circle, consisting of one person who goes by the nickname "黒犬獣" (Kuroinujuu; "Black Dog Beast"), which has been drawing and publishing Sailor Moon doujinshi since 1993. Works by the Black Dog circle are among the most well known doujinshi within the online fan community due to the fact that most of them have been translated into English language by enthusiasts. Black Dog is also among the most prolific and dedicated doujinshi circles; he has produced at least 47 separate books related to the Sailor Moon series as of December 2009.

Almost all of Black Dog doujinshi feature adult content. Most of his doujinshi fall into several distinct arcs due to recurring characters, plots, or themes.

List of Sailor Moon Doujinshi by Black Dog[edit]

Title Publication Date
Submission Mercury October 1993
Submission Jupiter November 1993
Submission Mars April 1994
Submission Mercury Plus August 1994
Submission Jupiter Plus September 1994
Heaven's Door December 1994
Submission Venus May 1995
Killer Queen December 1995
Love Delux March 1996
Submission Saturn December 1996
Submission Sailor Moon August 1997
Baby Face December 1997
Star Platinum May 1998
Cheap Trick June 1998
Magician's Red August 1998
Sheer Heart Attack December 1998
Sheer Heart Attack (revised) March 1999
Oasis November 1999
Submission Sailor Stars (preparation) December 1999
Goo Goo Dolls May 2000
Gold Experience August 2000
Green Day December 2000
Tohth May 2001
Atom Heart Father August 2001
Yo-Yo Momma October 2001
Red Hot Chili Pepper December 2001
Anubis May 2002
Submission Sailor Stars August 2002
Another One Bites the Dust December 2002
Diver Down April 2003
The Grateful Dead August 2003
Hierophant Green December 2003
Burning Down the House August 2004
Sex Pistols December 2004
Sex Pistols + March 2005
Aqua Necklace August 2005
Super Fly December 2005
Cream Starter August 2006
Cream Starter + December 2006
Pearl Jam December 2006
In a Silent Way August 2007
Sky High December 2007
Beach Boy August 2008
Scary Monsters December 2008
Tubular Bells August 2009
Tower of Gray December 2009
Dark Blue Moon August 2010

Love Delux, Star Platinum, Gold Experience, and The Grateful Dead are compilations of previous books, but also contain small amounts of unique supplementary content. Magician's Red also contains Cheap Trick.

Black Dog has also published non-Sailor Moon doujinshi, a couple of which include small cameos of the Sailor Senshi.