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Channel 44

Channel 44 was a television station that appeared in Act 3 of Codename: Sailor V. In order to receive Channel 44's broadcasts people had to have a special antenna, but they gave out the antennas for free as part of a promotion when they announced that the debut of the idol Pandora would be aired on their station. As it turned out, however, both Channel 44 and Pandora were working with the Dark Agency and their broadcasts included a brainwashing signal that made the people of Tokyo only want to watch television.

When Boss alerted her to the plot Minako went to Channel 44, disguising herself as a policewoman to get past the guards. Inside the building she found Pandora performing for her brainwashed fans and transformed into Sailor V to confront the idol. Sailor V used her Compact to show Pandora's true form to break the hold she had on her slaves, then destroyed her with Crescent Beam.