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Chieko Kawabe

Chieko Kawabe (河辺千恵子), once known as Chieco Kawabe (河辺千恵子) or Chieko Ochi (越智千恵子), born February 24, 1987, in Tokyo, Japan, is an actress who played Naru Osaka/"Sailor N" in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in several musicals. She was the third longest-running Sailor Mercury in the musicals.

Together with Miyuu Sawai, she was an exclusive model of the LOVE BERRY junior fashion magazine (both were graduated). As a well-trained artist of her previous agency, which also doubles as a comprehensive artist training institution, she has been specializing in the vocal artist field, and has performed several opening and ending themes for different TV anime: "Sakura Kiss," the opening for Ouran High School Host Club; "Hoshi ni Negai o" and "Cry Baby," the ending themes for Otogi Zoshi; and "Be Your Girl," the ending theme for Elfen Lied. All of the above theme songs were recorded in her series of singles and album.

She majored in law at Asia University, although she dropped out of school without completing her degree, and has also been the regular host of two weekly live radio programs (on Tokyo FM and on web respectively), which interviewed some top vocal artists/groups, and a monthly TV program (on NHK, the national broadcaster), which featured live performances by a dozen of them at the NHK Hall. As a vocal artist herself, she has completed a series of live performances around the country.

Personal Trivia

  • She was inspired by Namie Amuro, the still-active pop queen of the latter 90s, to enter the entertainment industry at the age of ten.
  • Her father is Japanese and her mother is a Filipina of Spanish descent.
  • Her current blog boasts 100,000 hits daily, and her previous one has won the second prize in the "Best Blog 2005" viewer voting organized by goo, her previous blog system provider.
  • She married Masato Ochi, a producer, on August 8, 2008. They chose the date because both of them consider 8 their lucky number. She gave birth to a daughter in 2010. The couple divorced in 2015.
  • As of February 24, 2009 (her 22nd birthday) she formally began to use the name "Chieko Ochi."
  • After her marriage, her connections have extended to the upper social circles, which include prominent political figures such as Ichiro Ozawa, and her profile on her agency's website at one time referred to her as the "next generation celebrity."


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