Chronos Typhoon

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Chronos Typhoon in the manga
Attack Name: Chronos Typhoon
Attack Name (kanji/kana): 時空嵐撃/クロノス・タイフーン
English Name: Chronos Typhoon
Performed by: Sailor Pluto
Item Required: Garnet Orb, Garnet Rod (Crystal season 3 only)
First Used (anime): Act.34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1
First Used (manga): Act 34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1
First Used (musical):

Chronos Typhoon was an attack used in the manga, Sailor Moon Crystal, musicals, and video games. In this attack, Sailor Pluto used the Garnet Orb to send a cyclone-like rush of energy at her target.

This attack is generally perceived to be Pluto's "talisman attack," similar to Sailor Uranus' Space Sword Blaster and Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, the attack had two versions, the first being used in the third season, and the second being used in Sailor Moon Cosmos. In the version used in the third season, Sailor Pluto held up the Garnet Rod and the Pluto symbol spun towards the Garnet Orb horizontally several times before it disappeared, then clouds rushed up around Sailor Pluto and a spiral of wind wrapped around her. She then pulled the Rod down in front of herself, its top pointing away from her, as the spiral of wind collapsed into clouds which dissolved. The crystal on top of the Rod began to glow, and as Sailor Pluto spun, she swung the Rod around, then quietly said the attack phrase and opened her eyes. After clouds rolled by and briefly hid her from view, Sailor Pluto held up the Rod while turning her head back with her eyes closed, laying her spare hand on the opposite hip, as a typhoon blew around her. In the Sailor Moon Cosmos version when Sailor Pluto was controlled by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets, she held up the Garnet Orb, as she carried the rest of the Garnet Rod in the other hand, then pulled her arm back down to hold the Orb in front of herself. Sailor Pluto then turned around and held up the Orb again, before it emitted garnet-colored light beams that caused a typhoon to blow around her. She held the Orb in front of herself again, as strings of light purple energy flashed around it, then swung both hands holding the Orb upwards, while drawing her legs closer to her body. She extended her legs again and held the Orb in front of herself for the last time to shoot garnet-colored energy flashes at her target.


  • The literal meanings of the kanji characters used in the name of this attack in the manga are "space-time" (時空), "storm" (嵐), and "attack" (撃).
  • In Act 58 of the manga and Sailor Moon Cosmos, Sailor Pluto used the Garnet Orb to knock Sailor Moon to the ground with this attack when she was under Sailor Galaxia's control.