Crescent Boomerang

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Crescent Boomerang in the manga
Attack Name: Mikazuki Boomerang/Crescent Boomerang
Attack Name (kanji/kana): 三日月・ブーメラン/クレッセント・ブーメラン
English Name: Crescent Boomerang
Performed by: Sailor V, Sailor Venus
Item Required: Compact
First Used (anime): Act.8 MINAKO - SAILOR V -
First Used (manga): Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition

Crescent Boomerang was an attack used by Sailor V and Sailor Venus in which she threw her compact at an enemy.

Though the attack was only used by name in Codename: Sailor V and two of the manga side stories, Sailor Venus also used the compact in a similar manner without a named attack at other points in the main Sailor Moon manga storyline, such as in Act 7 when she used it to kill Zoisite. She performed a similar, also unnamed attack with the Crescent Moon Cutter in the live-action series, both as Sailor V and as Princess Sailor Venus.

It was also used by Sailor Venus in the video game Sailor Moon S for the 3DO.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Venus used an attack item that was visually similar to her compact, but a DVD booklet referred to it as the "Crescent Boomerang," combining both the item and attack names.