Crisis Moon Compact

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Transformation Item
Crisis Moon Compact in the anime
Name: Crisis Moon Compact
Name (kanji/kana): クライシス・ムーン・コンパクト
English Name: Crisis Compact
Item Form (e.g. compact, pen, etc.): Compact
Used by: Usagi Tsukino
To Become: Super Sailor Moon
Activation Phrase: Moon Crisis, Make Up
First Appearance (anime): Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon
First Appearance (manga): Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream

The Crisis Moon Compact was the second item that allowed Usagi to permanently transform into Super Sailor Moon. It was an upgrade to the Cosmic Heart Compact, and was given to her by Pegasus.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, it was mostly identical to its anime counterpart in design, except for some slight difference in the shape of the wings.

In Act 48 of the manga, it was upgraded to an unnamed brooch that did not serve as a transformation item, as Usagi instead transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon with the Holy Moon Cálice. In anime episode 168 and Sailor Moon Eternal, she received a similar-looking brooch called "Eternal Moon Article."