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Evil Group Information
Name: Dead Moon
Name (Kana): デッド・ムーン
English Name: Dark Moon, Dead Moon
Commander: Zirconia
Supreme Leader: Queen Nehellenia
Origin: The Dead Moon, with a base in the Dead Moon Circus tent in Tokyo
Subgroups: Amazon Trio, Amazoness Quartet
Important Members: Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Fisheye, CereCere, VesVes, JunJun, PallaPalla
Season (Anime): Sailor Moon SuperS
Arc (Manga): Dream
Monsters of the Day: Lemures

The Dead Moon was an evil organization headed by Queen Nehellenia and her subcommander Zirconia. They came to Earth during a total eclipse of the Sun, and took the guise of the Dead Moon Circus. In the manga, the date of their arrival was stated to be April 1.

List of Members[edit]