Desert River of Memory

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The Desert Rivers of Oblivion (left) and Memory (right) in Crystal

The Desert River of Memory (記憶の川; Kioku no Kawa) was a river situated in Sagittarius Zero Star, which had the power to return memories lost in the Desert River of Oblivion. The river was guarded by Sailor Mnemosyne.

When Sailor Lethe caused Sailor Moon and her friends to fall into the waters of the Desert River of Oblivion and thus lose their memories, Sailor Mnemosyne had Princess Kakyuu drink from the Desert River of Memory in order to reverse the effects.


  • The Desert River of Memory which was guarded by Sailor Mnemosyne is a direct reference to the river Mnemosyne in Greek mythology, from which those entering Hades could drink in order to gain omniscience.