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Drive Me The Mercury was the image song for Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon musicals. It was performed by Chieko Kawabe in Transylvania no Mori kaiteiban and the Super Revue Musical Show and by Manami Wakayama in Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu. It was also featured on the Eternal Edition 1 and Eternal Edition 2 CDs.



こんなんじゃない 私は言ってる


嘆く Genius The Veil
潜む Mission The Road

Try Me Mystery,Drive Me Mercury

こんなんじゃない 希望に賭けてく
幼いあこがれなら 奇跡のRhapsody


こんなんじゃない 希望を投げてく
奇跡のあこがれなら 知性のRhapsody

Try Me Mystery,Drive Me Mercury
Drive Me The Mercury


Konnan janai watashi wa itteru
Itsumo sugao kakushite

"Joudan janai yo."

Ko wa ikanai koi 'n naka
So wa ne ikanai teki 'n naka
Nageku Genius The Veil
Hisomu Mission The Road

Oikakezu ni iru dake nara ne
Sugao no anata wakara nai yo
Oikakete mo sabishii nara
Try Me Mystery, Drive Me Mercury

Konnan janai kibou ni kaketeku
Motto ima wo tobashite
Osanai akogare nara kiseki no rhapsody

"Ai to chisei no senshi, Seeraa Maakyurii!
Mizude mo kabutte, hansei shinasai!"

Konnan janai kibou wo nageteku
Motto yuuki karitate
Kiseki no akogare nara chisei no rhapsody

Try Me Mystery, Drive Me Mercury
Drive Me The Mercury

English Translation[edit]

I'm telling you, it's no trouble
Always hide your true face

"It's no joke."

That doesn't belong in love
That won't go with the enemy
The grieving Genius The Veil
The lurking Mission The Road

If you begin to only chase after things
I won't be able to know your true face
Even if you keep on pursuing, you'll become lonely
Try Me Mystery, Drive Me Mercury

I sure won't bet on hope like this
Right now, skip more
If you have that yearning for childhood there's still the miraculous rhapsody

"Senshi of love and wisdom, Sailor Mercury!
Cool off in cold water and reflect on what you've done!"

I sure won't cast away hope like this
Bring out more courage in yourself
If you are yearning for a miracle there's still the rhapsody of wisdom

Try Me Mystery, Drive Me Mercury
Drive Me The Mercury