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The Evil Black Crystal, or Jakokusuishou (邪黒水晶), was a crystal from the planet Nemesis that Death Phantom used to try and destroy the Earth. Most members of the Black Moon Clan, with the exception of Saphir, wore earrings made of this crystal, and could use the power of their earrings to attack.

In the anime, after the great battle in episode 88, Usagi and Chibiusa used the power of their two Silver Crystals to destroy the Evil Black Crystal.

In the manga, as well as the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady and its revision, Petz used her earrings made of Evil Black Crystal to create a tornado attack against Sailor Jupiter; this attack proved to be more powerful than Sparkling Wide Pressure. In both musicals, Esmeraude and the Spectre Sisters also used the power of their earrings in their attack Black Vicious Crystal, and Esmeraude alone used them when she performed Vicious Emerald.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, Petz used her earrings to shoot bolts of black lightning.


  • The name "Evil Black Crystal" comes from the ADV DVD releases. In the first English dub this material was called "Dark Crystal," in the TokyoPop manga translations it was called "Black Poison Crystal," and in the original Kodansha release of the manga and Viz dub it was "Malefic Black Crystal." In the Eternal Edition of the manga, it was called "Beguiling Black Crystal" because the translators thought that calling it "evil" was "a terrible PR move on the part of the Black Moon" and therefore they picked a word they thought sounded more "poetic."