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A Fairy (妖精) was a humanoid being resembling the creatures of myth. In the Sailor Moon series, fairies were prominently featured in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. In that movie, three male fairies, Poupelin, Orangeat, and Banane, aligned themselves with Queen Badiane. A fourth fairy, Perle, refused to work for her and instead helped the Sailor Senshi fight against her. Perle and Poupelin were Hummingbird Fairies, while Orangeat and Banane were Cuckoo Fairies.

There was also a character who appeared in the Materials Collection named Diana the Moon Fairy; she was originally intended to appear in the Sailor Moon manga when the Sailor Senshi visited the Moon, but she was replaced by Queen Serenity.

Fairies were also a key point in episode 137 of the anime. Fisheye's target Kitakata was obsessed with fairies and so he disguised himself as a female fairy in order to obtain Kitakata's Dream Mirror.