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A fansite or fan site is, as the term implies, a website created by fans of a certain thing or person. In the context of the Sailor Moon franchise, this means a website about Sailor Moon. There are thousands of Sailor Moon related webpages on the internet, and while some are very similar, there are many different types of Sailor Moon fansites.

General Sites[edit]

General Sailor Moon websites are sites that describe the series and its themes, characters, and overall plot. Many of these sites exist; some are dedicated to just one version of the series (e.g. the live-action series, or the musicals), some cover all versions, others discuss some versions of the series, and some contain subsections which serve the same functions as other more specialized websites do.

Specialized Sites[edit]

Character Shrines[edit]

Some Sailor Moon websites are dedicated to just one character, group of characters, or a particular romantic coupling. These are known as "shrines" or "character shrines" and often include things such as character analyses, fanfiction, fanart, and other things, along with information on the subject of the shrine.

Image Galleries[edit]

Image galleries can exist as subsections of general Sailor Moon websites or of character shrines, but are sometimes a website's sole purpose. These sites are often of a higher quality than image galleries which are merely parts of a bigger site, and are sometimes dedicated to a particular type of image, for example, pictures from the manga artbooks, or pictures of a particular character or couple.

Fanfiction and Fanart Sites[edit]

As with image galleries, fanfiction and fanart can also appear on general websites or have webpages dedicated solely to them. Some of these sites host works by one person or a particular group of people. Other host works which have been submitted to them. Fans also create fan created characters, especially Otaku Senshi, and often make webpages dedicated to their characters with which to host their stories and art about these characters; sometimes these sites can also be collaborative, containing works jointly written by more than one fan.

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