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Fashion Building Heroine (ファッションビル) was a department store that appeared in Chapter 10 of Codename: Sailor V. It was located next to the train station.

Founde used the proceeds from the sale of all of the Dark Agency's real estate ventures to open the business, claiming it was the Agency's trump card. The building specialized in services that would help women become "beautiful heroines."

Founde and three of her clones ran the operation which was spread over four floors. Liquid Founde was the manager of the first floor, specializing in cosmetics. Water Founde managed the second floor, which was for apparel. The third floor, for tableware and interior design, was managed by Powder Founde. Solid Founde was in charge of the fourth floor, which contained the Human Resources department and a travel agency.

When shoppers visited any of the floors, they received a free gift in celebration of the building's opening. These gifts were what allowed the Dark Agency to brainwash the customers into thinking they must defeat Sailor V in order to complete their transformation into heroines.

What happened to the building after Founde's defeat is unknown.