Fire Buster

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This article is about a weapon used by Eudial in the anime. For an attack used in the musicals, see Fire Buster (attack).

Enemy Weapon
Fire Buster
Item Name: Fire Buster
Item Name (kanji/kana): ファイヤー・バスター
English Name: Fire Buster
Used by: Eudial
Attack(s) Required For: None
First Appearance (anime): A Time of Shock! True Identities Revealed to One Another
First Appearance (manga): N/A

The Fire Buster was a flamethrower used by Eudial in the anime.

The first and only time Eudial used it, in episode 109, she called out "Witches Eudial Fire Buster" (ウィッチーズ・ユージアル・ファイヤー・バスター) as she fired it. The weapon proved to be strong enough to deflect Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but was shortly after rendered useless by Sailor Venus' Venus Love-Me Chain.

After the Fire Buster was destroyed, Eudial built a new version called the Fire Buster II.