Galactica Cannon

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Galactica Cannon in the manga
Attack Name: Galactica Cannon
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ギャラクティカ・キャノン
English Name: Galactica Cannon
Performed by: Eternal Sailor Saturn, Eternal Sailor Pluto
Item Required: Silence Glaive, Garnet Orb
First Used (anime): Sailor Moon Cosmos
First Used (manga): Act 58 Stars 9

Galactica Cannon was an attack that appeared in the manga and Crystal, performed by Eternal Sailor Saturn and Eternal Sailor Pluto while they were under the control of Sailor Galaxia's bracelets. The attack required the use of both the Silence Glaive and Garnet Orb. In both continuities, it knocked Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon to the ground, but in Crystal, Chibi Chibi Moon was able to block the attack for a while using her staff.

In the animated version of this attack, Sailor Pluto held up the Garnet Orb and called out its name, garnet-colored beams of light radiating from its crystal. Sailor Saturn then spun around her Silence Glaive and called out its name as well, before finally holding it up straight and drawing it down to the floor. Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn then sent forth a light purple sphere of energy surrounded by spinning garnet-colored rings, as dark energy crackled around them.