Galactica Gale

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Galactica Gale in the manga
Attack Name: Galactica Gale
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ギャラクティカ・ゲイル
English Name: Galactica Gale
Performed by: Eternal Sailor Mercury, Eternal Sailor Mars, Eternal Sailor Jupiter, Eternal Sailor Venus
Item Required: None
First Used (anime): Sailor Moon Cosmos
First Used (manga): Act 58 Stars 9

Galactica Gale was an attack that appeared in the manga and Crystal, performed by the Guardian Senshi while they were being controlled by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets. In both continuities, it was blocked by Eternal Sailor Moon, and therefore its exact effects were unknown.

In the animated version of this attack, the Inner Senshi stood in formation and gathered their power, each glowing their respective colors, as they called out "Galactica!" They then spun in a circular movement with their palms held out toward Eternal Sailor Moon, and unleashed a multicolored energy beam toward their target.