Galactica Super String

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Enemy Attack
Galactica Super String in the manga
Attack Name: Galactica Super String
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ギャラクティカ・スーパー・ストリング
English Name: Galactica Super String (Mixx manga), Galactica Superstring (Kodansha manga)
Performed by: Sailor Galaxia
Item Required: None
First Used (anime): Sailor Moon Cosmos
First Used (manga): Act 59 Stars 10
First Used (musical): Eien Densetsu

Galactica Super String was an attack used by Sailor Galaxia in the manga, musicals, and Crystal.

This was presumably her most powerful attack in the manga and Crystal, and she used it in an attempt to knock Sailor Moon over the edge of a cliff into the Galaxy Cauldron. In the manga, it appeared to generate a massive wave of cosmic force that Galaxia directed with her body. Although Sailor Galaxia's Galactica Inflation attack was canceled out by Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss in both continuities, Galaxia seemed to believe that this attack would be able to finish Sailor Moon once and for all. Whether this was true or not is unknown, however, as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon blocked the attack with her scepter.

In the animated version of this attack, Sailor Galaxia held her hands before her chest with palms facing each other and her thumbs and index fingers in circles, then crossed her arms before her before moving them in a circular motion until they were held out to either side, all while multiple balls of golden energy formed behind her. She then drew back and turned around, lifting her arms above her head with the right held straight and the left bent at the elbow, as the balls of energy swirled around her. Finally, she lowered her arms to point toward her target, directing the various balls of energy to fly that direction.

This attack first appeared in the musical Eien Densetsu, where Sailor Galaxia used it against Chaos after being freed from his influence.


  • "Superstring theory" is a nickname for the theoretical physics model known as "supersymmetric string theory," which attempts to connect the theory of general relativity to quantum mechanics. It postulates that all particles and fundamental forces of nature function as vibrations of inconceivably tiny strings, about 10−33 centimeters in length.