Galactica Wave

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Enemy Attack
Galactica Wave.jpg
Galactica Wave
Attack Name: Galactica Wave
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ギャラクティカ・ウェイブ
English Name: N/A
Performed by: Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Item Required: None
First Used (anime): Sailor Moon Cosmos
First Used (manga): N/A

Galactica Wave was an attack used by Sailor Aluminum Seiren in Sailor Moon Crystal.

To perform this attack, Sailor Aluminum Seiren held up her right arm, and a jet of water through which a smack of pink jellyfish swam spiraled toward her to form a ring in front of her body. She then moved her hands in a circle in front of her, and the ring of water contracted before it spiraled toward the enemy. The attack was immediately blocked by Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Oak Evolution, and therefore the exact effects it would have had on Usagi and the Three Lights were unknown.


  • After performing Galactica Wave, Sailor Aluminum Seiren later used another attack that was not referred to by name, but looked very similar to Galactica Wave, in which she hurled another blast of water and jellyfish which then merged with her hair. She could then use her hair to capture two Sailor Senshi and send energy through it to extract their Sailor Crystals; it was also able to deflect Sailor Uranus' Space Turbulence.
  • This was the only named attack that was exclusive to the Sailor Moon Crystal continuity. Every other named attack in that series also appeared in the manga, as the former was closely based on the latter. In the manga and the other Sailor Moon continuities in which she appeared, Sailor Aluminum Seiren used the attack "Galactica Tsunami."