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Game Center Crown in the anime

Game Center Crown (ゲーム・センター・クラウン) was an arcade where Usagi and her friends hung out and Motoki worked. Crane Game Joe once played there in the anime, as did Takurou Ootaku in Codename: Sailor V. There was a crane machine game and a Sailor V game in the arcade. Luna used the Sailor V machine to communicate with Artemis during the battle against the Dark Kingdom. It was located below the Fruits Parlor Crown, which was also owned by Motoki's family.


In the Sailor Moon manga and Codename: Sailor V the Sailor Senshi had a Secret Base underneath the game center that was entered through the Sailor V game.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the Game Center was replaced by Karaoke Crown, probably to reflect the changed leisure habits of teenagers in Japan at the time.


  • The Game Center Crown, like many other locations in the Sailor Moon series, was based on a real world location, though it has since been replaced with a McDonald's.