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Website Information
Name: Genvid
Type: Soapbox
Webmaster(s): Yosenex Orengo, Andrew Floyd, Dr. Xadium, Jay Navok, Jonathan Mays
Language: English
Status: Active

Genvid, or The Sailor Moon Soapbox, is a news and editorial site. It was created in 2003 and is still updated regularly. The forums on the Genvid website hosted active discussions of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon while it was airing in Japan in 2003-2004, and in 2009 combined with the Sailor Moon Forum.

Jay Navok and Dr. Xadium wrote the book Warriors of Legend, and Genvid hosts a variety of sites, including The Sailor Moon Doujinshi Database and Dies Gaudii.

Project WikiMoon is also hosted and sponsored by Genvid.