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Ginga TV (銀河TV; Galaxy TV) was the Tokyo headquarters of Shadow Galactica in the Stars season of the anime and in the musicals. Though it was seen as a normal television studio by many outsiders, in reality the Sailor Animamates used the location as part of their disguise to trick potential Star Seed carriers, masquerading as talent agents, reporters, and the like outside of the studio, as well as occasionally draw them to it.

Within the station, each of the Animamates had their own desk and cubicle in the main newsroom, and their own lockers to store food and civilian clothing if they were needed. Somewhere in the center of the station, also, was the portal to Sailor Galaxia's throne room, where each of the Animamates were required to report for instructions and berating. Aside from those two rooms, however, there were also various studios and offices on the premises that were let out for various events and shows, such as the idol contest in episode 192, in which Minako Aino was a contestant and Kou Yaten was a judge.

After Galaxia revealed herself in episode episode 196, a shield was erected around the premises which killed on contact. The only ways shown to circumvent the shield were through Galaxia's summons or through Sailor Chibi Chibi's power, though the Animamates most likely had a way to circumvent the shield on their own as well. The four Outer Senshi also managed to circumvent the shield in episode 197 through unknown means.

The station was subsequently destroyed by the battles in episode 198 and episode 199.


  • In the German dub, this station was referred to as both "Galaxie" (Galaxy) and "Ginga," but in the subtitles of the DVD/Blu-ray, it was called "Galaxy TV."