Haneda Airport

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This article is about the airport in Tokyo. For the character from Codename: Sailor V, see Haneda.

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport (羽田空港), formally known as Tokyo International Airport, appeared in episode 13 of the Sailor Moon anime. In that episode Jadeite caused an image of himself to appear in the night sky, telling Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars to come to the airport or else he would destroy all of Tokyo. He wanted to lure them there as part of an effort to kill the Sailor Senshi, and they were aware it was a trap, but went anyway.

Because Jadeite had issued his demand in such a public fashion, the public was alerted to the threat and a large number of police officers were guarding the airport when he arrived. He simply put the police to sleep, however, and when the three Senshi and Luna arrived, they were attacked by a horde of false police officers, automatons created by Jadeite. Once they destroyed the automatons, however, Jadeite began to send airplanes after them, chasing the Senshi across the runway. Sailor Mars finally attached an ofuda to Jadeite, which made the airplanes follow him instead, forcing him to flee.