Holy Moon Cálice

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Sailor Senshi Item
Holy Moon Cálice Crystal.jpg
The Holy Moon Cálice in Crystal
Item Name: Holy Moon Cálice
Item Name (kanji/kana): ホーリー・ムーン・カリス
English Name: Holy Grail
Used by: Sailor Moon
Used For: Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up (manga, Crystal), Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (anime)
First Appearence (anime): The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation
First Appearence (manga): Act 48 Yume 10 Princess Dream

The Holy Moon Cálice was an item belonging to Sailor Moon which had different origins and functions in the anime, manga, and Crystal.


The Holy Moon Cálice
in the anime

In the anime, the Holy Moon Cálice was never discussed or given a name. It first appeared in episode 187 after Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon gave Eternal Sailor Moon the power up which allowed her to perform Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

At the beginning of Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attack sequence, this item appeared and attached to the bottom of the Eternal Tiare. The Tiare then extended out from the bottom of the Cálice, and the lengthened Tiare was called the Moon Power Tiare.


The Holy Grail
in the manga

In the manga, the Holy Grail was upgraded to the Holy Moon Cálice during the Dream arc, and it allowed Usagi Tsukino to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.


The Holy Moon Cálice first appeared in Sailor Moon Eternal as in the Dream arc of the manga. However, unlike in the Stars arc, in which the Cálice was Usagi's only transformation item using the phrase "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up," in Sailor Moon Cosmos she mostly used the Eternal Moon Article. The only exception was when she transformed to fight Sailor Aluminum Seiren and, for an unknown reason, that time the Eternal Moon Article did not appear.