Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend

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Even though Usagi's friends are determined to protect her, she is still attacked by Sailor Tin Nyanko, but she is saved by Seiya.


Episode Data
Ami tells Usagi how they are going to protect her
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 銀河の聖戦 セーラーウォーズ伝説
Name (Romaji): Ginga no Seisen Seeraa Uoozu Densetsu
Name (Translated): Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend
Name (Dub): Crusade for the Galaxy: Legend of the Sailor Wars
Episode Number: 194
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Yoshihiro Kitano
Air Date: December 7, 1996
Previous Episode: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears
Next Episode: Princess Kakyuu Burns Out! Galaxia on Earth

The Sailor Starlights kneel before Princess Kakyuu, overjoyed to see her at last. She tells them she had a mission to fulfill, and thanks Chibi Chibi for helping her. Princess Kakyuu then turns to Usagi and says that she was watching her and the other Senshi from the incense burner. She then tells them the story about the Sailor Wars, how Chaos was sealed by the most powerful legendary Senshi, but has now re-emerged as Sailor Galaxia, who wants to steal all the Star Seeds in the galaxy. Princess Kakyuu says that they still have a chance, as long as the Light of Hope exists, and she came to Earth to search for it. Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker don't see why they need to look for it, because with their Princess, they can return home and restore their planet. Princess Kakyuu, however, says that they must find it in order to seal Chaos, and turns to Usagi to ask for her help. Just then, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and tell the Princess that she is selfish for asking them such a thing, and the Sailor Starlights get angry. Princess Kakyuu silences them and tells Usagi that she believes in her.

Sailor Galaxia notes that Sailor Lead Crow has disappeared, and those who fight against her have all gathered on this one planet. Sailor Tin Nyanko appears and says that she did find a true Star Seed, but makes excuses about why she didn't get it. Galaxia orders her to go, and she quickly flees, determined not to fail.

Haruka and Michiru sit in their car outside of the Tsukino residence, concerned that their princess is in danger. Up in her bedroom, Usagi calls Mamoru's apartment repeatedly, just to hear his voice on the answering machine.

Meanwhile, Seiya tries to call Usagi but her line is busy. Princess Kakyuu asks him about the form he is using on Earth, and he says that it seemed like the best way to find a woman. She apologizes and says that she heard their songs, but had to hide from Galaxia. She then asks to hear their music again, and falls asleep while listening to "Nagareboshi He." Seiya leaves and tries to call Usagi again from a pay phone, but she has fallen asleep and doesn't answer.

The next morning, Minako and Rei arrive at the Tsukino residence to accompany Usagi to school, worried that the enemy might attack her. Once she is at school, the others give her some self-protection items; Usagi curiously picks up a whistle from the pile and blows it, and Rei arrives shortly thereafter, having run all the way from her school. During the rest of the school day, Minako, Makoto, and Ami stay close to Usagi's side to protect her. Usagi finally gets tired of the whole thing and asks if they think she's incompetent, and the others are quick to reassure her; Minako adds that they don't want something to happen to her while Mamoru is gone, which makes Usagi sad. The girls leave her there and go to Fruits Parlor Crown, where Rei is waiting. When she hears they left Usagi alone, she gets upset because it's dangerous.

Usagi stands on the roof of the school, sadly wondering why Mamoru won't answer her letters. Nyanko Suzu appears behind her, dressed as a student, then reveals herself to be Sailor Tin Nyanko. Down in the classroom, Seiya is cleaning out his desk with a feeling of nostalgia, when Rei arrives looking for Usagi.

Up on the roof, Usagi dodges the energy blasts from Sailor Tin Nyanko's bracelets and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

The Inner Senshi and Seiya split up to search the school, and Seiya heads up to the roof.

Sailor Moon is determined to prove that she can fight by herself, but cannot do much more than dodge the Animamate's attacks. Suddenly, a rose flies past and grazes Sailor Tin Nyanko's wrist, making Sailor Moon think that Tuxedo Mask has arrived, but Seiya is standing there instead. He transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks with Star Serious Laser, throwing Sailor Tin Nyanko back. When she then orders Sailor Moon to attack, Sailor Moon stares at her in shock for a long moment before finally gathering her wits. Sailor Moon uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, but Sailor Tin Nyanko dodges at the last minute and the attack only hits half of her, removing one bracelet and turning her costume white on that side. After Sailor Tin Nyanko retreats, Sailor Moon drops to her knees and stares at the rose on the ground.

Usagi and Seiya stand on the roof as it begins to rain, and Usagi admits that she was never very good at doing difficult things. She says that she thought she was fine on her own, but once she saw the rose she thought of Mamoru, and now she can't stand it anymore, and she wants to see him. Usagi falls to her knees again, crying that she wants to see Mamoru. Seiya crouches down, resting his hands on his shoulders, and asks her if he is not good enough.

Meanwhile, Usagi's friends watch the scene from the top of the stairs to the roof.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode marked the first time Princess Kakyuu appeared with a speaking role.
  • When Seiya remembered going to the maid cafe from the previous episode, the flashback showed a scene of him with Minako, Ami, and Usagi dressed as maids, even though Ami did not work in the cafe or wear a maid costume.


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