In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret

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Episode Data
Chibiusa realizes her key is emitting energy.
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 銀水晶を求めて! ちびうさの秘密
Name (Romaji): Ginzuishou wo Motomete! Chibiusa no Himitsu
Name (Translated): In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret
Name (Viz Dub): In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibi-Usa's Secret
Episode Number: 64
Director: Takao Yoshizawa
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Kazuko Tadano
Air Date: July 31, 1993
Previous Episode: Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move
Next Episode: Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off
First English Dub Episode
Name: Trouble Comes Thundering Down
Number: 58
Company: DiC
Air Date: November 10, 1995
Previous Episode: Gramps in a Pickle
Next Episode: A Charmed Life

Rubeus tries to locate Chibiusa by creating a huge thunderstorm, hoping her fear of thunder will cause her energy to peak.


Aboard Rubeus' UFO, the Spectre Sisters argue over their appearances. Rubeus puts an end to the sisterly quarrel when he appears to tell them he has an idea to capture Chibiusa. He recalls that she is afraid of thunder, and Petz infers that if they cause a storm, Chibiusa will release her energy in her fear, allowing them to pinpoint her location.

Petz commands her Droid Furaiki to cause a storm. The monster begins banging her drum, causing thunder and lightning, and using a handheld hairdryer to cause a strong wind.

Usagi is caught in the rain and rather unsatisfied. Apparently, she is also quite afraid of thunder and lightning. When she arrives home, Luna reminds Usagi that her mother is out shopping with friends and will be home late. Usagi asks Luna to get her a towel and makes a really bad joke about being a 'drenching beauty.' Luna is not impressed. She reminds Usagi that Chibiusa needs to be picked up from school, but Usagi refuses to go outside again because she is afraid of the storm. A small tantrum follows.

At the side gate of the Juuban Municipal Primary School, young children go off with their parents while three children, Chibiusa, another little girl, and a young boy named Yoshiro wait for their late parents. They are all very frightened by the thunder and lightning. The other young girl begins to cry but Chibiusa tells her to be strong. Then the young girl’s mother arrives and she leaves. Yoshiro is crying on the stairs and Chibiusa tries to get him to toughen up. Then his father finally shows up and he runs off. Chibiusa is left alone with Luna P. She sees a small child walk by with their mother and she reflects of memories of her own parents when they once went for a walk in the rain with umbrellas. Coming out of the memory, Chibiusa runs away from the school.

Usagi makes her way over the bridge, begging the storm not to strike and scare her. Of course, it does. Usagi arrives at the school to find it empty. Back home, the phone rings but Shingo is too busy playing Sailor Moon video games to answer it. When he finally does, Usagi asks him if Chibiusa is home. Shingo tells her that she is not, and Usagi becomes a little worried.

She runs off in search of her but accidentally bumps - literally - into Mamoru. He asks her why she is in such a hurry and Usagi explains that Chibiusa is missing. Then thunder strikes and Usagi instinctively leaps into Mamoru for protection. They have a touching moment in which he calls her "Usako," before he steps away from her much to Usagi's dismay. He reminds her that their relationship is over but tells her that right now it is more important to find Chibiusa. Usagi asks if he will help her look and he states that he will of course help. Usagi observes that he is so cold to her but was very serious about Chibiusa. Mamoru tells her that she is just a child and must be scared and alone in the storm. As they go in search of her, Usagi thinks to herself that Mamoru is sweet, and that no matter how cold he is towards her, she still loves him.

Ami and Makoto see them running from a cafe, and Makoto states that they seem to be getting along. Ami feels that if Usagi has time to be running around in the rain, then she should be studying. Rei and Minako arrive and they all talk about how they've met up accidentally. Minako mentions that they all think alike, but that someone is missing. Rei states that Usagi is the exception to the rule.

The girls sit and chat in the second floor shop, but right below them, in the shelter of the building, Chibiusa crouches with Luna P. She sees another mother and child walk by talking about the snacks they are going to have. Chibiusa then pushes the nose on Luna P, causing the eyes to change into display screens. She tells 'Puu' that she wants to go home to her mother. A static voice tells her that she has to be stronger. Chibiusa states that she would like to use the key on a chain around her neck to return home. Puu tells her that the key will allow her to travel through time, but it is dangerous to use it thoughtlessly. Chibiusa still wants to go home, but Puu tells her that she must stay there and find the Silver Crystal to save her mother. She asks her to hang on a little longer until the bad guys are destroyed. Puu then disappears and Chibiusa is alone again.

Running from the storm into the building, Chibiusa clutches the key and holds it up shouting that she wants to go home. A burst of energy comes from the key and gravity seems to release the surrounding objects as they lift off the ground. Chibiusa is a bit shocked and as the key emits more power, she screams out. Rays of light start crisscrossing all over the place. The girls inside the cafe see them and are taken aback. Rei and Makoto frantically discuss what it could be while Ami frets that her books will get damaged. Suddenly, there is no gravity and they are all floating around inside the cafe. Rei's head floats up under Minako's skirt and Minako calls her a pervert. Ami makes a critical analysis of the 'strange physical phenomenon' and states that they appear to have lost gravity, but notices everything outside seems all right. She seems excited that it is getting more and more serious.

Minako informs her that this is not the time for complicated subjects and Rei states that she is embarrassed to be this way. Makoto is doing just fine adjusting to her new environment and swims through the air determined to reach the ground. Chibiusa is floating as well, and is very disappointed that she cannot seem to get home. In her frustration, she cries out and a golden crescent moon appears on her forehead. This emits a strong beam of vertical light that alerts the Black Moon to her location. Usagi and Mamoru see it as well.

When her crying dies down, Chibiusa is confronted with the Droid Furaiki as it enters the building. Furaiki begins to attack her immediately, sending shocks of lightning at her from the drum. Chibiusa flees and Usagi arrives, running into the building and immediately becoming weightless and floating up off the ground. Chibiusa makes her way to the cafe where the other girls are. They are all shocked to see her and the Droid following her. Furaiki blows them all away with her hairdryer and they slam into a wall. Usagi takes this as her signal to transform.

The unconscious girls float helplessly as Furaiki builds another charge on her drum. Sailor Moon arrives, and Chibiusa wakes up and asks who she is. Sailor Moon gives her introduction speech while Chibiusa watches in amazment and the other girls wake up. Furaiki blows Sailor Moon against a wall and Chibiusa tells her to hang in there. The Droid attacks again and electrocutes Sailor Moon. Furaiki then prepares for another attack and Minako worries she will be killed. A rose pierces the drum, shocking Furaiki with her own electricity. Sailor Moon is happy to see Tuxedo Mask, and Chibiusa is amazed by him. Tuxedo Mask then throws four more roses at Furaiki and tells Sailor Moon to attack.

Sailor Moon uses her Moon Princess Halation attack to destroy the Droid. Its body disintegrates and the jewel within it flies right into the hands of Petz, who is standing on the building next door. Berthier appears to inform Petz that it seems she has failed. Petz doesn’t want to hear it but she doesn’t want to fight in the gravity-less building either so she retreats. Berthier follows.

Tuxedo Mask praises Sailor Moon for a job well done as he floats towards the ground. Unfortunately, as he reaches the ground, he lands on a can and slips, but because there is still no gravity, he just floats up. Sailor Moon asks what’s going on and Chibiusa says that it's her fault, and apologizes. She then places her hand on the key and returns safely to the ground. The other girls just fall unceremoniously as gravity returns, with Makoto falling on top of Minako.

The girls demand to know what the key is, and where Chibiusa comes from, but she refuses to tell them. Sailor Moon tells Chibiusa that if she honestly tells her what's going on, she will help her. While Sailor Moon is talking to her, Chibiusa recalls what Puu told her about needing the Silver Crystal to save her mother. Minako tries to talk more sweetly to Chibiusa to get her to tell them what is going on. She tells Chibiusa that they will protect her. However, Tuxedo Mask interrupts her and says that everyone has things they don't want to talk about. Chibiusa runs to Tuxedo Mask happily. He folds her up in his cape and picks her up, much to Usagi's dismay. Chibiusa is happily escorted away by Tuxedo Kamen while Usagi watches with concern. Nevertheless, she decides that it is not that bad. As the rain stops and the sky clears, Chibiusa sees a rainbow and everyone takes a look at it from the bridge.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In the original episode, Chibiusa sang a song to the tune of a Japanese children's song. The song Rini sang in the first English dubbed version of this episode, which went, "Rain or shine, I'm happiest when I'm with Tuxedo Mask," was sung to the tune of "This Old Man." In the German dub, Chibiusa was singing the theme song from the television show "The Smurfs".
  • This episode included the first appearance of "Puu," who would later be revealed to be Sailor Pluto. In the English dub of the episode, however, the character was implied to be Luna.


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