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Character Information
Name: Jadeite
Name (kanji/kana): ジェダイト
Alignment: Dark Kingdom
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Lives: D Point, near the North Pole
Occupation: Shitennou
Family: Unknown
Associates: Queen Beryl, Thetis, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite
Aliases: J Dite; J. Taitou, High School Student A (musicals)
First Anime Appearance: Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation
First Manga Appearance: Act 1 Usagi SAILORMOON
First PGSM Appearance: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
English Name: Jedite (dub), Jadeite (manga, Viz dub)
Actors: Masaya Onosaka (anime), Daisuke Kishio (Crystal), Jun Masuo (PGSM), Tony Daniels (dub), Todd Haberkorn (Viz dub)

Jadeite was the first of Queen Beryl's Shitennou to appear in the series, and had the appearance of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was handsome and used his charisma in his ploys to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom.

Jadeite's mission, given to him by Queen Beryl, was to collect energy for Queen Metalia. Generally, his modus operandi dealt with drawing energy from masses of people, rather than targeting individuals like many other of the enemies did. As an example, he posed as a bus driver and captured entire tour buses, then drove them into an alternate dimension where he could collect the energy of the passengers.

Though he would often disguise himself in many of his plots, he would always employ a Youma that was able to not only disguise itself as a human, but could perform well enough to not be discovered by those close to it. For example, he had a Youma disguise itself as Naru Osaka's mother while her real mother was tied up in the basement, and it still successfully ran a sale at her store, Osa-P.


Jadeite in the anime

Jadeite existed for 13 episodes of the anime; the other Shitennou were not introduced until after his demise. He worked to collect energy for Queen Beryl, but she became tired of his constant failures that happened to coincide with the appearance of the first three Sailor Senshi. It is possible that he performed without problem previously, and even with the interference of the Senshi he was still able to bring energy back to the Dark Kingdom at least once, unlike those who came after.

Another notable Youma employment that existed only in the anime was Beryl's Youma Thetis, who worked with him as he took over a cruise ship in an effort to steal an entire ship's full of energy. This failed, however, and the death of her Youma enraged Queen Beryl and proved to be one of the incidents that finally exhausted her patience.

Shortly afterwards, in a desperate attempt to defeat the three Sailor Senshi that had awakened, he lured them to an airport where they ended up defeating him with the cunning use of planes. He reappeared in the Dark Kingdom badly beaten, and was frozen as a punishment by Queen Beryl.


Jadeite wore the standard Dark Kingdom military uniform, in a variating royal blue to grey color, with red trim along the front, bottom, collar, and side seams. He had a single large gold button in the corner of the front flap. Jadeite, unlike the other Shitennou, wore brown knee-high boots and a brown belt, but like the others, wore white dress gloves with three darts on the back.


  • Though Queen Beryl supported him early on, she derided him when he started to fail in his missions. He strove to impress her and to do his job well, but she never thought those efforts were good enough. After all his failures, she finally rewarded him with Eternal Sleep.
  • A purely fanon invention pairs Jadeite and the Youma Thetis together. In canon, they worked together once, in episode 12 of the anime. She seemed to like him, but there was no actual evidence in the episode of any sort of relationship.


Jadeite's reign in the manga was far shorter than the anime, as he only lasted for three acts. His face was barely shown in Act 1, and he was not even named until Act 2, at which point he introduced himself as the commander of the Far East division of the Dark Kingdom. Act 3, the aforementioned bus-driver plot, was his end in the manga; he was burned by Sailor Mars' Akuryo Taisan attack and turned into a skeleton, which Nephrite preserved in a glass coffin, vowing to avenge him. He was briefly revived near the end of the Dark Kingdom arc, and was able to remember the Golden Kingdom and his time as a military officer of Prince Endymion before being turned into the stone from which his name was derived. The piece of jadeite, along with the stones for the other three Shitennou, were kept by Mamoru Chiba, and he used them to call upon his Shitennou for advice.

In the Materials Collection, it was stated that Jadeite appears 18 years old, and was the same height as Zoisite, though no exact height for either was given. They were both shorter than the others.


Jadeite wore a grey military-style jacket. The color of the piping on it was usually blue, but it was red in the Materials Collection. His pants were black, and sometimes looked as if they were made from leather or vinyl. The "button" here was a blue stone or jewel.

Only one picture exists of a uniform from the Golden Kingdom (and it was on Kunzite), but if they all matched, it consisted of a light grey/white jacket with lines of gold piping going down the center and in a pentagon shape, as well as edging the collar, bottom, and two lines on the cuffs. It had a dark brown cape lined in dark blue with jeweled epaulettes, brown pants, armor that extended from the knees to the feet, and a sword that was kept in place by three belts.


  • Jadeite was often seen bowing or kneeling to Queen Beryl where the others did not, as he seemed to be the most subservient of the four. No reason for this was ever specified in the series; it was possible that he respected her more than the others, that he was more thoroughly brainwashed than the others, that he feared her (as she was only ever shown to reprimand him, never praise him), or that he was naturally inclined to this behavior.
  • The pairing of Jadeite and Nephrite is common in fanon, perhaps mostly because Kunzite and Zoisite are almost always paired off. Canonically, Jadeite's death illustrated Nephrite's quick-to-emote nature: he became angry easily and fought following emotions before calculations. In this he was Jadeite's opposite, as Jadeite would plan and calculate to the smallest detail that he could, while Nephrite was more likely to rush into things out of passion. Nephrite could have reacted to Zoisite's or Kunzite's deaths in a similar manner. This pairing is also popular in doujinshi.
  • There was a fan-famous illustration of each Shitennou with their arms respectively around one of the Inner Senshi, and in this picture Jadeite was paired with Sailor Mars. Though Naoko Takeuchi described this illustration as an idea she did not include in the series, it has become very common in fanon, to the extent that many fans mistakenly believe it to be official canon. Canonically, in Act 3, Jadeite looked upon Rei's unconscious form and mused upon her beauty. This, however, was less romance and more attraction. She viewed him only as an enemy, and even as he was disguised at the time, she did not even glance his way. Also, in the side story "Casablanca Memory," when Rei fell under the power of Zoisite's music box she saw an illusion of Kaidou's face merging with Jadeite's to form an evil-looking apparition. It was not explained why he was in her memories, though it could have been because she remembered him as a previous enemy, and because Zoisite's plan was intended to get revenge for Jadeite's death.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

Jadeite in PGSM

Of the four Shitennou, Jadeite remained the closest to the original character design in the live-action series. His personality was also quite a bit more similar to his 2D counterparts than the others. His mission was to collect energy, and he did so before he seemed to switch completely over to trying to annihilate the Sailor Senshi.

He was the youngest of the four Shitennou, and his loyalty to Queen Beryl was far stronger than any of the others. Even as strife divided their loyalties, he was only rarely torn: at the time that it seemed like his loyalty might sway, he was immediately called by his Queen. Even at the very end, as the Dark Kingdom fell around them and Queen Beryl released her hold on his mind, he stayed by her side. For the first time in any version of the series, he was one of the last to die.

In this series, Jadeite created Youma with stones.

In the Special Act, he returned with the other Shitennou to help Mamoru fight against Mio's monsters, and later joined Mamoru and Usagi's wedding in the shadows with the other Shitennou. At that time, Jadeite's personality seemed to have undergone a change, as he acted much more cheerful and enthusiastic than before.


The uniform differed quite a bit in this version of the series, yet remained the closest to the manga and anime design of the Shitennou. It was a grey snakeskin-patterned uniform with intricate red beading on the right arm, a half-cape, and a gold shoulder ornament resembling twisted metal. His hair was the same as his manga and anime incarnations, again the only of the four Shitennou to remain similar, and the actor wore blue contact lenses. He also wore black knee-high boots and white gloves.


  • Jadeite was deeply loyal to Queen Beryl. She took this for granted, and at one point put him aside for several episodes by turning him into stone. He was eventually returned to his normal form with an influx of energy to the Dark Kingdom. Despite that punishment, however, his loyalty never wavered, even when his mind was his own.
  • Jadeite and Nephrite vied for Queen Beryl's favor, and were in this way rivals. They worked together to try to defeat the Sailor Senshi on occasion, though both failed. He teased and chided Nephrite in a superior manner, while Nephrite did little but become angry.
  • Jadeite and Zoisite barely interacted in this version. Zoisite wished that Jadeite would switch loyalties from Queen Beryl to Prince Endymion. Jadeite, however, was the only one who visibly angered Zoisite to the point of physical assault, when he betrayed Prince Endymion by following Queen Beryl's orders and effectively poisoned him.
  • Kunzite thought little of the younger Shitennou, believing that he was only a pawn that could be used. The two only worked together briefly.
  • Remembering little of his past, Jadeite saw Mamoru only as an enemy, someone that his Queen wanted. It was unclear what Mamoru thought of Jadeite, however, as they interacted little. Mamoru did seem to voice a bit of concern before Jadeite proved his loyalties to Queen Beryl by placing a poisonous stone inside his chest.


Yuuka Asami
as Jadeite

In the musical Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen the Shitennou played high school boys assigned to romance certain Sailor Senshi. Jadeite was paired up with Rei Hino, as the musicals tended to take the famous manga illustration as canon. He was played by Susumu Nihashi.

Jadeite, the other Shitennou, and Queen Beryl were all revived by Sailor Galaxia in Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu as part of her plan to obtain the Sailor Senshi's Star Seeds. Once again, the character was paired with Rei Hino. The uniforms were made of a shiny royal blue material, with the front flaps open all the time like Kunzite's in the anime. The trim and flap on Jadeite's uniform was a metallic purple, and he had epaulettes. In this musical, he was played by Yuuka Asami.

Although Jadeite was not present in the musical Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin - The Second Stage Final, the character Kalunite was visually similar to the previous musical's Jadeite and could easily be believed to be him.

He appeared with the other Shitennou in the musical La Reconquista as members of a boy band called "Pandemic 4," and Jadeite was played by Root.

Nogizaka46 Version Musical was based on the Dark Kingdom arc and also included the Shitennou, with Rina Takeda playing Jadeite. In Nogizaka46 "5th Generation" Version Musical 2024, he was played by Mayuko Ohara.

Video Games[edit]

In the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story, Rei was given Jadeite's Yin (陰; Negative) Stone and went to Tibet in search of his Yang (陽; Positive) Stone. There, she fell in love with a man who closely resembled Jadeite, and was later revealed to be a creation of the people's prayers, based off Jadeite's image. Whether or not this meant she was attracted to Jadeite was not clarified, but it could have been meant to imply a relationship between the two.


  • Jadeite's name is likely derived from a variety of jade known as jadeite.
  • A common fanfic convention has him revived from being frozen in the crystal where Beryl imprisoned him.