Juuban Second General Hospital

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Juuban Second General Hospital (十番第二総合病院) was an institution seen in the anime, in episodes 115 and 185.

Located in the Azabu-Juuban area of Tokyo, the hospital employed Ami Mizuno's mother as one of its doctors. Usagi, Ami, and Chibiusa took Hotaru there after she suffered a bad seizure brought on by over-exertion. However, upon waking up, Hotaru insisted that she was forbidden to be seen by any doctors not approved by her family, and quickly left the hospital before she could be examined.

The girls returned to the hospital some time later when Ami, Usagi, and Kou Taiki visited a young patient named Misa who was in the hospital for a serious illness. The specialist Doctor Gia was scheduled to come over from America to perform her surgery on her, but upon arriving at the hospital, he was attacked by Sailor Aluminum Seiren, who removed his Star Seed. He was briefly transformed into a Phage, Sailor Doctor, before Sailor Moon managed to change him back. Following a quick recovery, he operated on Misa and was successful.