Kagefuuji no Tsubo

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Kagefuuji no Tsubo

Kagefuuji no Tsubo (影封じのツボ; Shadow-Sealing Jar) was an item that appeared in the second episode of the Sailor Moon SuperS Special. As part of their act, a ventriloquist and his dummy would claim that it contained the true feelings of everyone on the Earth and discuss whether or not they should break it.

The dummy turned out to be a Lemures, stealing energy for the Dead Moon, and attacked Haruka while she was sick and too weak to transform. Sailor Neptune arrived to save her, but the ventriloquist threatened to break the jar if she attacked, saying that if it was broken, all of the shadows on the planet would begin to attack their owners. That did not stop her, however, and she used Deep Submerge to attack the pair, shattering the jar. When the shocked ventriloquist asked how she knew he was bluffing, she replied that she did not; she simply knew that a world without Haruka was not worth saving.