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Karaoke (カラオケ) is a popular form of entertainment which originated in Japan, but is now highly popular both in its homeland and worldwide. This activity consists of people singing their own vocal parts along with instrumental versions of popular songs. The word karaoke is derived from the words karano (空), meaning empty, and the katakana for orchestra (オーケストラ), which refers to the fact that while the vocals are performed live, the instrumentals are pre-recorded. The popularity of karaoke has prompted changes in home entertainment (e.g. home AV systems incorporated with karaoke functions), as well as the operation of traditional entertainment venues such as night clubs and even porn venues (e.g. hosts/hostesses singing karaoke with their clients and, for the porn industry, additional sex services inside the "karaoke rooms").

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a karaoke parlor replaced the arcade as a favorite hangout and the location of the Secret Base. It was one of Usagi Tsukino's favorite pastimes and one of Rei Hino's most disliked, as she hated to sing.

In the Codename: Sailor V manga, the title character fought Mike Makii, who stole human energy from microphones planted in karaoke parlors.

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