Meeting of Fate! The Night Where a Pegasus Flies

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Episode Data
Chibiusa meets the Pegasus
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 運命の出会い! ペガサスの舞う夜
Name (Romaji): Unmei no Deai! Pegasasu no Mau Yoru
Name (Translated): Meeting of Fate! The Night Where a Pegasus Flies
Name (Viz Dub): Meeting of Destiny: The Night Pegasus Dances
Episode Number: 128
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: March 4, 1995
Previous Episode: Self-Awareness as a Senshi! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart
Next Episode: Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power
First English Dub Episode
Name: Dreams Take Flight
Number: 121
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: September 26, 2000
Previous Episode: Tough Kindness
Next Episode: No Ordinary Horsepower

During a solar eclipse, a mysterious floating circus tent appears in the sky over Tokyo. Meanwhile, Chibiusa is fascinated by a Pegasus who appears to her in a dream.


In a crystal forest, a voice laments that the forest is crying, and asks that anyone who hears him respond. The speaker is revealed to be a Pegasus with a gleaming golden horn. In her dream, Chibiusa hears a voice calling her and, after going in search of it, finds the Pegasus in his forest. As she reaches out to touch him, a wave of golden energy washes over her, leaving her in her princess form. The Pegasus asks her not to tell anyone about their meeting.

The next day, everyone meets at the park to watch a solar eclipse. As they wait, Unazuki notices that Chibiusa is distracted, and teases her about having a boyfriend, which she denies. Her brother turns the teasing on her and asks if she has a boyfriend as well, and Unazuki is glad to be interrupted by the start of the eclipse.

During the eclipse a mysterious floating circus tent appears. Usagi notices it as they leave the park and wonders if it was always there, but is quickly distracted. Nobody else seems to notice anything out of the ordinary, however. The strange creatures which inhabit the circus mock the citizens of Tokyo for being so blind not to notice their appearance, but are finally silenced when Zirconia appears. Zirconia summons the Amazon Trio and orders them to find those who have beautiful dreams, because the one they are searching for must be hiding in one.

The members of the Trio sort through a pile of photographs in search of a target, and Tiger's Eye finally decides on a picture of Unazuki.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi and Chibiusa ask Unazuki about the boyfriend her brother mentioned, and she finally admits that she has a boy she likes but he has never said he loves her. Chibiusa observes that girls can't just wait for a prince to appear on a white horse, and sometimes need to go ride the white horse to find their own prince.

As Unazuki rides the bus home, a disguised Tiger's Eye takes her wallet to give himself an excuse to talk to her. In the meantime, Chibiusa and Usagi are out walking; Chibiusa asks about any forests or lakes nearby, and Usagi, surprised, says there isn't anything like that in the city. They hear Unazuki scream as Tiger's Eye attacks her, and arrive as he removes her Dream Mirror. When he goes to check the mirror, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon confront him, and he summons his Lemures, Karakuriko, to deal with them. The girls are quickly overwhelmed by the Lemures, and Tuxedo Mask arrives to help. Though he seems to be winning against Tiger's Eye, Tuxedo Mask falls into the man's trap and is left unable to move.

With his enemies incapacitated, Tiger's Eye checks the Dream Mirror, but does not find anything there. He regretfully says that he can't let Unazuki live, because "he" might come and hide in her dream later. Tiger's Eye orders the Lemures to finish off the girl and his enemies, and in desperation, Sailor Chibi Moon prays for someone to help them. The Pegasus arrives in a flash of golden light, and Tiger's Eye recognizes it as the one he was looking for.

Pegasus gives Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon the power to transform into their "Super" forms, and Sailor Moon receives a new wand, which she uses to destroy the Lemures. Tiger's Eye quickly retreats, and Unazuki's Dream Mirror returns to her body. Pegasus disappears then, and the two Senshi power down into their "regular" forms once more.

As Sailor Chibi Moon muses that it wasn't just a dream after all, Sailor Moon observes that she seems to know something about what just happened, but she denies it.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode included the first appearance of a Lemures.
  • Unazuki explained to Chibiusa that they were going to see a "total eclipse," only Usagi thought it was called a "horror eclipse" because she misheard the Japanese word "kaiki."
  • This episode was very loosely based on Act 39 of the manga.
  • While Tiger's Eye remarked on how cute the girls on all the photos were, his headband was missing.
  • After Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon reverted back to their normal forms, Sailor Moon was shown with single crescent moon earrings instead of her dangling ones.
  • This was Sylvie Jacob's first episode voicing Bunny in the French dub.
  • This episode and all episodes featuring the Amazon Trio were omitted from the Korean dub.


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