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Minato-ku (港区; Harbor Ward) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, situated on Tokyo Bay. It was within the various districts of Minato-ku that the majority of the Sailor Moon series took place.



Azabu is home to Usagi, Azabu-Juuban, and Hikawa Shrine, among other things.

Shiba Koen[edit]

Shiba Koen is the area of Minato-ku that includes Shiba Koen Junior High School (where Minako went to school), Tokyo Tower, and Zojoji Temple.


Roppongi (六本木; Six Trees), located north of Azabu and south of Akasaka, is the district of Minato-ku known for its large population of foreign expatriates and its booming nightlife. It is also the location of the headquarters for TV Asahi, the network on which the Sailor Moon anime aired.


Odaiba (お台場; Artillery Battery) is a large business and entertainment district located on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. It is connected to the mainland by the Rainbow Bridge, which was featured prominently in the series.