Mister Magic Pierrot

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Character Information
Name: Mister Magic Pierrot
Name (kanji/kana): ミスター・マジック・ピエロ
Alignment: Dead Moon
Species: Lemures
Gender: Male
Lives: The Dead Moon Circus tent
Occupation: Lemures under the command of PallaPalla
Family: Unknown
Associates: PallaPalla
Aliases: None
First Anime Appearance: Mirror of Dreams! Amazons' Final Stage
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Mister Magic Pierrot
Actors: Naoki Tatsuta (anime), David Fraser (Cloverway dub)

Mister Magic Pierrot was a Lemures sent by PallaPalla to assassinate the Amazon Trio.

He attacked by throwing a handful of spades at the Trio, but one of them instead struck Usagi Tsukino's Dream Mirror and shattered it. Another spade struck and killed Hawk's Eye. The remaining two of the Trio decided to give up their power and use it to restore Usagi's Dream Mirror. Once reawakened, Usagi transformed into Super Sailor Moon and destroyed the Lemures with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


  • He was the only Lemures to be created on screen rather than simply summoned.
  • When Mister Magic Pierrot was defeated in the first English dub, he said, "No more clowning around!".