Moon Power Tiare

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Sailor Senshi Weapon
Moon Power Tiare
Item Name: Moon Power Tiare
Item Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・パワー・ティアル
English Name: N/A
Used by: Eternal Sailor Moon
Attack(s) Required For: Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, Silver Moon Crystal Power
First Appearance (anime): The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation
First Appearance (manga): N/A

The Moon Power Tiare was the upgraded form of the Eternal Tiare in the anime, and it was created when the Holy Moon Cálice attached to the Tiare. Sailor Moon used it to perform her last and most powerful attack, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, as well as Silver Moon Crystal Power.

The Holy Moon Cálice became permanently attached to the Tiare when Sailor Moon summoned it in episode 195 to fight Sailor Galaxia. It was seen for the last time in episode 199, when it extended to form a staff during Sailor Moon's last battle with Galaxia and Chaos.


  • In the booklet for a DVD of the anime released in Germany, it was called both "Final Power Tiare" and "Mondstab des Lichts" (Moon Rod of Light).