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This article is about the Moon Princess as a plot device. For the Moon Princess herself, see Princess Serenity.

The Moon Princess
in Mamoru's dreams
in the anime

The Moon Princess (月のプリンセス) was the title of the legendary princess for whom the Sailor Senshi were searching in the first part of the Dark Kingdom arc of the manga, the first part of the first season of the anime, and at the beginning of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. In all versions of Sailor Moon, it is revealed that, in fact, Usagi Tsukino herself is the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity, although some other people are suspected along the way.

Moon Princess Suspects[edit]

In both the anime and the manga several people are suspected of being the Moon Princess by the Sailor Senshi and Luna, The Dark Kingdom, or both. In all of these cases these suspicions were proven false. In one case the suspect, Rei Hino, actually turned out to be a Sailor Senshi. When Sailor Venus first appeared in the anime, the others asked her if she was the Moon Princess, and she told them she was not; however, in the manga and live action series she actively posed as a decoy princess at first.

List of Suspects[edit]

Masquerade Ball Memories[edit]

In Act 4 of the manga and episode 22 of the anime Usagi snuck into the Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia, who was a Moon Princess suspect. Dia was revealed not to be the princess, but when Usagi encountered Tuxedo Mask memories of her past life were stirred slightly, both when she danced with Tuxedo Mask and when he kissed her on the balcony. These activities made her feel nostalgic.

Mamoru's Dreams[edit]

Mamoru Chiba had grown up not knowing who he really was due to a car crash when he was six years old that took the life of his parents and left him with amnesia. Therefore, when he began to dream of a beautiful woman telling him to find the Silver Crystal in order to discover his identity, he could not refuse. In the anime these dreams also helped him realise he was Tuxedo Mask. The woman who appeared in these dreams was the Moon Princess and she was always hidden in shadows and mist.

Yumemi Yumeno's Memories[edit]

In the anime Yumemi Yumeno was an artist who was the reincarnation of Binah, one of the Seven Great Youma. She seemed to have some vague memories of the Silver Millennium, including the princess, that manifested themselves in some of her artwork. These pieces had drastic effects on both Usagi and Mamoru, foreshadowing the later revelations.

Decoy Princess[edit]

As has been mentioned, in the manga and the live action series, Sailor Venus, whose memories of her past life returned before those of the other Senshi, posed as a decoy princess before the actual princess appeared. She and Artemis were the only ones aware of this ploy and of the Moon Princess' true identity, as even Luna did not remember extensive amounts of her life in the Silver Millennium at that point. In the manga, this ruse was aided by Sailor Venus bearing a crescent moon mark in place of her tiara at first, something she shared with her Sailor V costume. In the live action series, not only did she have a crescent moon mark, but she wore the "False Tiara," which gave her an extra air of royalty, and had a decoy Silver Crystal in its center, and she also adopted the name Princess Sailor Venus.


  • The Moon Princess was sometimes called Princess Moon by other characters, particularly the villains, in the musicals.