Moon Tiara Action

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Moon Tiara Action in the anime
Attack Name: Moon Tiara Action
Attack Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・ティアラ・アクション
English Name: Moon Tiara Magic, Moon Tiara Vaporize (DiC); Moon Tiara Action (movies, Viz)
Performed by: Sailor Moon
Item Required: Tiara, pizza (once only)
First Used (anime): Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation
First Used (manga): N/A (this attack was based on Moon Frisbee)

Moon Tiara Action was Sailor Moon's most basic attack, consisting of her tiara thrown like a frisbee.

Sailor Moon could stop the movement of her tiara mid-throw, although it took a lot of effort. The tiara automatically reappeared back on her forehead after the attack was finished. In episode 10 of the anime, it was shown that the tiara was also capable of expanding and then shrinking to trap an enemy in a ring of light. In episode 27, Sailor Moon placed the tiara on Bunbo's forehead to cleanse him of the extra dark energy Zoisite had imbued him with, making him vulnerable to Moon Healing Escalation again. In episode 32, she used the tiara as a physical weapon to knock out Akan without causing him further damage.

Sailor Moon mainly used Moon Tiara Action in the first season. In the R season, the attack stopped working as a finishing move, and she received a new weapon: the Cutie Moon Rod. After this she did not use this attack very often, though it was used in the Sailor Moon R and SuperS movies, and then a couple of times during the S and SuperS seasons, as a distracting and harming maneuver.

This attack was also used in the video game Sailor Moon S for the 3DO.


  • In episode 184, Sailor Moon performed an unusual version of Moon Tiara Action using a pizza.
  • When Sailor Moon performed this attack in the first episode, the background was green instead of blue. In the English dub of that episode, the playback was sped up, making the background music a different pitch than in all later episodes and the attack speed a little faster.