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Video Game Character
Name: Nergal
Name (kanji/kana): ネルガル
Alignment: Oppositio Senshi
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: Servant of Apsu
Family: Unknown
Associates: Apsu and the other Oppositio Senshi
Aliases: None
Game: Sailor Moon: Another Story

Nergal was a character who appeared in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story. She was an Oppositio Senshi, and Sailor Mars' opposite, with fire-based attacks.

Nergal, being a warrior at heart, craved absolute power, enough to rival the Sailor Senshi. Apsu promised her power enough to even surpass them, gaining her trust, and had her join the other Oppositio Senshi. However, she did have an honor code, and handed over Jadeite's Yang Stone after Sailor Mars defeated her fair and square, as she promised.

The Senshi eventually realized that the Oppositio Senshi were using the Space-Time Door to travel to the past and alter everyone's destinies. When they went to the Door to investigate, they were confronted by Nergal who, disguised as Sailor Pluto, demanded the Silver Crystals from both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. Nergal's true identity was revealed when she accidentally called Sailor Chibi Moon "Princess" instead of "Small Lady," and she was forced to retreat.

Nergal, along with the rest of the Oppositio Senshi, was last encountered at the Dark Castle, where Sin was holding Shingo Tsukino captive. After being defeated one last time, she was healed by the light of Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal and broke free from Apsu's control.


  • Genkaku - An attack which cast a field of illusion around her opponents and confused them.
  • Kamaitachi - An attack which inflicted a series of swift, slicing attacks against all opponents.
  • Miryou - A charm-based attack that hypnotized opponents.