New Tokyo International Airport

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Ami at New Tokyo International Airport

New Tokyo International Airport (新東京国際空港) is an airport in the city of Narita in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. In 2004, it was renamed Narita International Airport. It opened in 1978 when Haneda Airport was becoming too small for the air traffic of Tokyo, and handled most of the international flights to and from Japan from that point until 2010, when Haneda Airport resumed its role in handling international flights after the opening of its new international terminal building.

It first appeared in episode 62 of the anime, when Ami Mizuno arrived there when she was about to leave Japan to study in Germany. She changed her mind when Chibiusa and Mamoru came to say goodbye to her at the airport.


  • The distance between the airport and Azabu-Juuban is about 60 km. In episode 62, the other Inner Senshi were trapped by Nipasu in the Bob-Floy ice cream shop while Ami rushed from the airport to save them. It should have taken her at least an hour to arrive at Bob-Floy, assuming Mamoru drove her the entire way.