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Character Information
Name: Sailor Tin Nyanko
Name (kanji/kana): セーラー・ティン・にゃんこ
Alignment: Shadow Galactica
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: Unknown
Occupation: Sailor Animamate, agent for Ginga TV (anime only)
Family: Unknown
Associates: Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Aliases: Nyanko Suzu
First Anime Appearance: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight
First Manga Appearance: Act 53 Stars 4
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Kitty Bell/Sailor Tein (Mixx manga), Nyanko Suzu/Sailor Tin Nyanko (Kodansha manga, Viz dub)
Actors: Ikue Ohtani (anime), Corina Boettger (Viz dub), Mariya Ise (Crystal)

Sailor Tin Nyanko was one of the Sailor Animamates under the command of Sailor Galaxia.


Sailor Tin Nyanko in the anime

Sailor Tin Nyanko first appeared in episode 188 of the anime after convincing Galaxia to kill Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Using the guise of Nyanko Suzu ("Nyanko" (にゃんこ) meaning "kitten"; "Suzu" (鈴) meaning "bell"), an agent for Ginga TV, she had the job of finding Star Seeds, but her main goal was to eliminate her rivals in order to be on top. Because of this goal and her associated involvement in Seiren's death, she and Sailor Lead Crow were constantly at odds with each other during the short time they were together. Each Animamate went to great lengths to foil the other, ultimately resulting in Lead Crow's death in episode 193.

Finally in the spotlight, Tin Nyanko did not get off to a good start, and was nearly healed by Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss in her first direct fight with Sailor Moon in episode 194. The attack only hit half of her, however; one of her bracelets was shattered and half of her suit turned white, and she was partially freed from Galaxia's control, leaving her true good Sailor Senshi self and the remnants of the mind control clashing with one another. As a result, when Tin Nyanko reappeared, half black, half white, in episode 195, she was fighting with herself, unable to act or choose sides, and unable to do anything about it.

Soon after she appeared, Sailor Galaxia decided that the confused Animamate was no longer needed, and she shattered Nyanko's remaining bracelet. Tin Nyanko died in front of the Sailor Senshi, screaming the entire time.


  • Bracelets - Sailor Tin Nyanko could fire blasts from her bracelets that would remove a person's Star Seed.
  • Cat Paw Gun - Sailor Tin Nyanko carried a gun shaped like a cat's paw which could fire blasts of energy at a target.


In Act 53 of the manga, Nyanko Suzu arrived at Usagi Tsukino's school, claiming to be an exchange student from Libya. She immediately hung around Usagi to the point of stalking her, trying to learn everything about her. Fortunately for Usagi, not everyone was fooled by the "new student" - the Sailor Starlights, Luna, and Artemis sensed she was an alien.

The revealed Sailor Tin Nyanko fought with Luna and Artemis in Act 54, and it turned out that Tin Nyanko, Luna, and Artemis are all from the same planet, Mau, a fact that was later reaffirmed in the same Act by Kou Yaten. After Luna and Artemis accused Tin Nyanko of the murder of Sailor Mau, Tin Nyanko responded with her own accusations of treason, saying that Luna and Artemis had abandoned the Mau homeworld to help Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mau had died because of traitors like them.

After reaffirming her vow to become a real Sailor Senshi, Tin Nyanko redoubled her attack and hit Diana, who came in human form to the past to try to stop the fighting. Diana's moon sign was erased and she was turned into a "normal" cat, unable to speak. The same ultimately happened to Luna and Artemis, despite Sailor Moon's attempts to save them. Before Tin Nyanko could attack Sailor Moon, however, Sailor Star Fighter attacked Tin Nyanko, and she was forced to retreat.

In Act 55, Tin Nyanko finally appeared before Galaxia to beg her forgiveness. In response, Galaxia told her that trash can not become a star, and removed Tin Nyanko's bracelets, killing her.


  • Galactica Puppet - Tin Nyanko's signature attack, in which she fired what looked like a blast of electricity at her enemies.


Sailor Tin Nyanko in Crystal

Sailor Tin Nyanko's appearance in Sailor Moon Cosmos was almost identical to her manga appearance.


  • Galactica Puppet - Sailor Tin Nyanko's primary attack.


Sailor Tin Nyanko appeared in the 1996 winter special musical Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and its 1997 winter revision. Sailor Tin Nyanko was among the many minions of Galaxia sent to Earth to draw out and destroy the Sailor Senshi there. She performed in Juuban Municipal High School's musical festival, in disguise, with her fellow Sailor Animamates. She was played by Tomomi Seo.

Sailor Tin Nyanko also appeared in Eien Densetsu, where she was played by Toni Hosokawa.

She also appeared in Le Mouvement Final, where she was played by Miyu Hashigaki.


  • The word "suzu" in the name of her civilian guise means "bell" (鈴), but can also mean "tin" (錫), when written with a different kanji.

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