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The Oppositio Senshi (オポシティオ戦士) were a team of villains in the Super Famicom game Sailor Moon: Another Story. Each was an opposite in power and motive to a member of the Inner Senshi. The team consisted of Sin, Nabu, Nergal, Marduk, and Ishtar. The team leader, and Sin's brother, was Anshar, who was always accompanied by his pet, Kishar. The team was formed and led by the villain Apsu.

Each member was recruited for her dislike of the current way of life in Crystal Tokyo (except for Ishtar, who followed Nabu when she was recruited), and that dislike was enhanced by Apsu's mental conditioning to bring their feelings out. They wore black bodysuits instead of sailor fuku; each had a white sailor collar with a brooch at the center, which was the same color as their counterpart Senshi's. A tie hung from each which was the same color as the front bow of their counterpart, and their suits had markings in the same colors as their counterpart's skirt.

After they were defeated by the Sailor Senshi in battle, Sailor Moon purified them with the Silver Crystal and they were restored to normal girls. However, Sin was unaffected due to her strong resolve, and she combined with Apsu to form the Deity of Destruction. After Apsu was destroyed, the five girls and Anshar left to live normal lives.

Their names were taken from five gods of the ancient Middle Eastern religions of Mesopotamia and Babylon who were associated with the moon or planet of their Senshi counterpart.